why hasn't someone developed a nice fuel tank to fit in Schwinn cruiser frame?

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  1. heyitstimmer

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    Hi, Tim from Appleton, Been working on my evolving bike for about a year now, and it is looking and working great, pics to come when I get a spare moment, but my question is, so many people are passionate about their motored bikes and making them look awesome, and everyone uses the stock bolt on fuel tank, that makes everyone's bike look cheap. Why hasn't anyone developed a nice tank that fits into the frame. Probably a third of the people have the Schwinn cruiser style frame, I bet thousands of people would buy them. I am a pretty handy guy in problem solving, and dont want to start something if there is already something on the market. Would like to have your feed back................wouldnt an integrated fuel tank be awesome on these bikes................. and you wouldnt smack your knees or Jimmie on the current tank style. Motor onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Timmer

  2. rjs5700

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    They did over sixty years ago! It's called a Whizzer tank.
  3. Hawaii_Ed

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    This is being discussed with quality engines in another thread too :) Believe it or not, a custom tank is pretty big bucks. Just the fact that it is going on a bike does not make it cheaper :) There is a lot of labor involved with making a tank, and the cost of putting it on the market is prohibitive for the limited demand with motored bikes.
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    nothing new under the sun

    in a big book here it says
    nothing new under the sun
    and regarding nice looking gas tanks
    seems to be true unless custon made with cost of a whole lot of dough

    yes in the thread regarding what type of tank do you all want
    there are a ((few)) good ideas
    expect to see some company coming out with some cool tanks soon

    not what we would wish but probably will be made in China
    come on US we are pulling for you !!

  5. E J

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    New tank

    How do ya like mine Made from stainless steel welded and polished with a Harley oil cap and real old Indian decals E J

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  6. skjjoe

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    look on eBay for used 50cc tank. I used one off an old 72 Suzuki jr50
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  7. heyitstimmer

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    Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so cool, would not fit my bike, but that is the idea. Did you make it yourself? Any lessons learned along the way? Tim
  8. E J

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    I'm making the next tank over the bar to fit all the curisers
  9. wcocc

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    sell me a copy of your tank! how much would it cost to replicate?

    that is what I envisioned on my bike.

    HBLOCAL Guest

    schwinn tank

    Hey Tim , Long time ago I used to make my own tanks to fit inside of a schwinn frame I also tried to mass produce them but the problem I encountered was that all schwinn frames were not created equal. By that I mean there contours of the frame are all different and each tank has to be custom fitted for each individual frame , but I have also made them and they do work and look great .
    That is why I stopped using Schwinn and went to Felt bikes that have the tank already built in it may seem like they are expensive but if you add up all of the time and labor involed to make one you will see what I am talking about, Good luck
  11. E J

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    That's what I found out too. I plan to build my bikes with my custom tanks and a over the bar tank that will fit all the curisers. Custom making these tanks for bicycles is going to change the look for ever. I want that ugly peanut tank to disappear if gives the bikes a geek look JMO. I should have the new over the bar tank done for this weekend if your coming to the meet or pic's of it next monday. I ride the Indian around the hood everyday because I can just jump on it no helmet and putt to store real quick. I love it.
  12. reclaimer

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    I don't have the skill set EJ does(sweet tank man), so I came up with some thing different

    I've been using it for a month now, it seems to hold gas right well. I would think it could be made small enough to fit most bikes.

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  13. thats a cool tank you made.
  14. prof fate

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    Beatuiful tank. What material did you shape it out of?
  15. machiasmort

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    :jester:Looks like a bass lure. LOL

    Great idea, great paint lay down, excellent craftsmanship, just looks like it's missn the deep diving bill!
  16. johnrobholmes

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    I see a little muffler tip on the end of the exhaust too, maybe a little briggs take off? Make a big difference in the noise and power?
  17. hurricane billy

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    i am as well building my own tank. fiberglass ! light and a **** of alot of work.
    foam , fiberglass , and epoxey

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  18. fiberglass and epoxy

    Here is a tank that I made . I first made a pattern that was 3/16 smaller then the opening in my frame. I duplicated that pattern several times in 3/4 mdf. I glued them together so that I had two halves of the tank + one extra 3/4 piece added to each half. I sanded the two halves to the shape I liked then sprayed the molds with primer and then mold release. I layed up a 5/32 inch thick layer of glass cloth and epoxy. I trimmed the two halves of the tank with a slot cutter to remove the extra 3/4 in. that I added to each mold. I made up a small flat sheet of fiberglass and epoxy about 1/8 in thick which I cut into several small parts about 1/4 x 1/2 in. I glued several of these on the inside surface of the tank at the center joint so that they were hanging over the edge. I did this to both halves and when the epoxy was cured the two halves could be put together and the tabs alinged and indexed the two halves with each other . I added a bead of thickned epoxy along each edge of the joint and when the two halves came together the two beads of glue flowed together at the centerline into one larger bead. A layer of fine glass on the outside of the joint and it was ready to paint. I hope this makes some sence it is hard to explain clearly. Go for it its a worth while project.





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  19. azbill

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    excellent job on the tank :cool2:
    that is a sweet lookin whizzer !!!
    (I hurt my chin, when it bounced off my keyboard :))
  20. prof fate

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    Possible Alternative to Fiberglass?

    Those fiberglass tanks really turn out fantastic. Has anyone ever tried using Bondo (the auto body dent filler) as the final finish over your frame work covering the stock tank? I've used Bondo years ago but I feel the learning curve on fiberglass...
    it might be my second or third try before I get a good result.:ack2:
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