Why is it Important to Interpret the Bible Objectively?

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    next comes a tour of the new diarama showing men dressed in robes, stabbing dinosaurs to death to feed the thousands they begat. i cant wait.
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    found the statment by Benny Hinn -- if that was Benny Hinn
    to be rather disturbing

    I do believe -- it to be a NARROW road to Heaven

    will there be things to ride there ?
  4. There are some serious flaws with this approach. For one thing, it was a subjective process that led to the compilation of gospels we now call the canonical bible. The Council of Nivea in Rome decided (by what measure we do not know) what gospels should be kept and which rejected. These people were not devine, or even saints. Most likely their concerns had to do with keeping political power with the church hierarchy. That is why they rejected gospels that encouraged pesonal revelation and interpretation of religious texts. Contrary to popular notion, very early Christianity was characterized by a great diversity of opinion- on what Jesus said, how those words should be interpreted, and how one should behave in order to please God. It is not possible to not interpret words. If you want to use the earliest interpretation of the Bible, then everyone should be Jewish. To say we should not exercise our powers of interpretation is to say that God gave us minds, but that we should not use them.
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    I was gonna stay out of a hot topic like this, but imperfectionst deserves support.

    One thing you really can be sure of is that every religious message you receive has either been originated or at least influenced by the all-too-normal human motivations; some of them good, some bad.
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    there's a new Bible out -- just bought two of them today

    it's called the ESV -------- I got the study Bible

    the gentelman at the very large Christian book store
    said that this Bible is the closest thing to the scrolls to be found -- period
    please just note here -- it's not that much different than the
    King James or NIV

    I think that most Bibles these days -- are pretty darn close -- to TRUE or RIGHT
    does anyone really think that God would let us be lead astray with a
    Bible that was not true -- and send the reader to hel_ -- come on now

    enjoy the Bible thing -- it's a NARROW ROAD TO HEAVEN !!!
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    some of these so called -- left out books of the Bible as seen on tv

    such as "The book of Judas"
    which trys to make as if Judas was a special friend who did a good thing
    come on now -- just read a little bit of that book and one will or should know
    thus -- correct -- it's not in what we call the bible today
    along with many other so called -- left out books of the Bible

    the Bible is God's word to us -- believe it or not...

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    believe it or not-is the idea. im sure such scholarly advice must stick in the throats of true zealots, because if one chooses to not fall prostrate at sight of a bible he will be harangued like this. a zealot of islam also knows his way is right and has a book to prove it. is there only one way?
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    It was the council of Nicaea (Nivea is a skin cream) and it was not in Rome,it was some place in Western Turkey.Emperor Constantine convened this gathering of 300 Bishops or so in 325 AD to hammer out a common Christian Doctrine.The Bible has been variously translated,first into Greek from Hebrew and later into Latin by St Jerome around 400 AD, later resulting in the Vulgate (Roman Catholic Bible).In the 14th century Wycliffe translated the Vulgate version into English and in the 16th century it was once again done by William Tyndale,who went back to the Greek and earlier sources.He was rewarded for his efforts by the RC Church by being burned at the stake.In the 17th century,King James authorized yet another translation by a committee of scholars,which surprisingly resulted in one of the great literary achievements in the English language and had a major influence on it's development.As someone who is familiar with a number of languages and has been involved in translation work,there is no standard 'objective' meaning of an ancient text like the Scriptures, going back to writings from around 1000 BC or earlier,since each translation inevitably reflects the times and the cultural perspective of the persons involved.
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    How do you know what to believe, if everyone interprets the bible or the religion to match their personal views, or agendas. YOU DON'T.

    Everyone's differing version of what they believe is right is not really right and there's no way to prove any of it. That's why I choose to think for myself, and be a freethinker, instead of following others and what they say is right, or what to think. Who are they to tell you what is right anyway? They do not have the authority. ONLY GOD DOES, and most of the time, he sits and watches the chaos from afar. God works in mysterious ways that we humans have yet to fully comprehend and understand.

    God doesn't want us to be in he11, or a he11 on earth, but the evil and greedy humans that lie and manipulate and mold the religion, sure don't care about you, as long as they get their money and power. I'm certain God wants us to make the most of our lives, by living responsibly and not hurting others, and thinking for ourselves to the fullest extent with the gifts he has given us.

    I feel if we all respect and love each other, it doesn't matter which version of a religion we believe in, as long as we use it in responsible ways to strengthen each other as a human species. That's why I don't go telling others what the rules are or what to believe, but I analyze the person based on how they treat me, and treat them with due respect, regardless of what they believe.
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    the branch dividians and the jonestown folk also were sure of what they believed.
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    I have one of those Koran bible THINGS
    it's good to know what you are dealing with
    the Koran -- if one would take a little time to study it
    does NOT sound like God talking to us ???
    the Koran is full of many false statements such as
    the sun circles the earth

    Take most any English Bible if you will
    question -- why has this Bible never been wrong ?
    well over a hundred predictions have came -- exactly true

    how did the Bible know that Israel would be a country again
    after not being a country for hundreds of years ?
    if your country goes bye bye
    do you think it will return hundreds of years later ?
    good luck with that wish !!!

    How did the Bible predict that Jesus would die on the cross ?
    How did the Bible know that the Romans would not break his legs ?
    Broken legs on the cross were common -- helped them to die faster

    the Bible does mention in many places
    many are blinded to the truth
    they wouldn't know the truth if they were looking right at it

    question -- now how did the Bible know that ??

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    How do you know what to believe, if everyone interprets the bible
    or the religion to match their personal views, or agendas. YOU DON'T.

    In my daily prayers and personal agenda, I pray these words to help
    me cope with everyday living. I believe these words have helped my
    needs out greatlly in everyday prayer............

    Help me close my eyes and not lash out about people's evil ways,
    and to curb my tongue and not volunter information for people to
    use against me. Help me with your words and ways in front of these
    types of people while giving me understanding and discipline in my
    own ways
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    just wanted to share -- just a little of the Koran bible with you all

    Koran Bible 9:11
    Those who kill or are killed by unbelievers will return to the garden of Paradise where they will enjoy many (((( LUSTFUL )))) pleasures - sex with virgins, pleasent food and drink, etc.
    FOOD FOR THOUGHT HERE -- the thought of a cheap heaven such as that makes me sick... Would lustful things be going on in heaven ?

    maybe the god of the Koran had a problem with dates ???
    because in the Koran book of Surah 41:9,10,12 it states that creation took place in 8 days
    then in Surah 10:3 however, states creation took place in 6 days ??
    maybe their god was tired after all of that creation thing going on
    needed some sleep -- got his days mixed up ??

    ride that thing MM
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    not looking into it for themselfs -- it's a shame...

    sounds as if you have never studied the Bible
    that may be a problem

    if a person can read the Bible one time all the way through
    and then say that it was not inspired by God's wisdom
    it would more than amaze me
    most that make wild statments regarding the Bible
    have never even read or studied the Bible
    saying things that they hear others say regarding the good book
    not looking into it for themselfs -- it's a shame....

    most people that read the Bible
    DO NOT INTERPRET TO MATCH THEIR PERSONAL VIEWS -- people that say this do not have a clue
    of the many, many Bible readers that I know and have known
    not one TRUE BELIEVER wants to bend God's word
    so as to do it my way
    (((((((((((((((((((( TRUE BELIEVERS KNOW -- my way STINKS ))))))))))))))))))))
    I would be a true fool to want it my way !!!!!

    the Bible is pretty darn straight to the point regarding almost everything !!!

    if I wanted to bend THINGS my own way -- I would go write my own Bible
    now -- that would be an E ticket to hel for sure....

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    is there only one way ??? just may be ???

    what does that Koran book really prove
    have you studied it -- at all ?

    or are you just going with the good old feel good to everyone
    there should be so many ways to Heaven
    all gods are good gods

    it only takes a little studing of the Koran to know
    it's a bunch of bull

    but for many who have never read it
    it may sound like a great THING !!!

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    beachcruiser -- nice prayer -- if one may ask ?

    hi beachcruiser
    this question is not meant to be smart butt in any way
    that's a nice prayer
    just wondering -- who do you pray it to ???

    is there a certain God you love and trust ???

    just hoping that you don't think that everyone has the same God
    that all roads lead to the same God

    my God states that this a not true
    all roads do not lead to him
    his is not an easy road to be found
    most will not make it to be with my God

    either God is everything or God is nothing

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    I will PM you Mountianman
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    Thoughts as such, are fine Z,but they may lead to actions,which can well be considered objectionable by others.'If men were angels,there would be no need for laws',James Madison famously said.If you want to ride around Florida in the buff for instance,some folks would not mind,but in this culture public nakedness is taboo, as is nursing a baby in a public place.In Saudi Arabia you might be beheaded (certain death if you were a woman),but among the Papuas for instance it's quite normal.So you adapt to the prevailing norms,or seek out more openminded places.But in every society there are Rules,if you want to be a philosopher-king-absolute-ruler,exile yourself to some desert island,where you can be Master of the Universe and seek,or play God.
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