Why not a motorized bicycle sharing program now that $100.00 fillups are a reality


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Mar 23, 2008
The idea is good. Possible drawbacks that I could see would be folks who don't understand or care about the bikes causing damage. Also people "hot rodding" causing the "authorities" to crack down.

But if these bikes were low-power electrics people might really come in flocks.


zero tolerance

if you get caught hot rodding (cops would have id plates from bike lease company)
you get banned for life.

lease contract would endorse "safety of life by banning for life". hehe:p

but i have seen alot of share cars by the ads on the car doors

some park like *******s!

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Yea electrics maybe except for the range. You would see a lot of complainers.
Motoredbikes I dunno. Think of the constant maintenance when renters bring the bikes back. Moped rentals may be more feasible but even those get beat up by uncaring renters.
It just sounds like to me as being more hassle than profitable.
Then there are people that really don't know how to ride. I mean all you need is a license then it's like "ok. you can ride my motoredbike now."
At least with bicycle rentals you can't get hurt too badly,and if you're willing to pedal you're probably an okay enough rider to not mess things up. But motoredbikes you'll have people crashing into things. Not good for the movement.
But someone will try this and that's cool.
My recommendation?
4 stroke ~ No brainer.
Thumb Throttle ~ So you cannot pull the throttle cable off the carburetor.
Governor ~ Limit speeds to 15 mph. Plenty fast enough and still fun,and renters bring the bike back with engine not blown up.
Single speed ~ Derailiers are just a hassle
Rack mount ~ No lawsuits involving burns on leg cause renter rode with shorts,and easier to maintain.
Center stand ~ Less fallen bike mishaps.
Then you gotta think about security. Will it come with a lock? What if it gets stolen?
What insurance out there will cover this?
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