Why so mean?

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  1. Big G

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    I have posted a few questions in the past and I have read many questions from other guys and I read some very mean responses. Why? These are guys just like you who are trying to have a little fun and need a little help from time to time. I don't read the replies any more because of the high level of anger displayed. I am certain that I will get some hate mail just from these few comments. I love building motorized bikes and I really like to help other guys to avoid mistakes.

  2. butre

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    us regulars are a salty bunch but we don't mean any harm.
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    I think that what butre said above is pretty accurate. But there's more to it than that, too.

    This is an internet forum, after all. And that just brings out the worst in some. But this forum is pretty clean in terms of that sort of stuff. I'm sure you've noticed; there are worse places to surf.

    Plus there's just some inaccuracy when typing what one wants to say and the way that it's received. Many times folks write up something that they think of as a joke. Or a mild poke in the ribs, at worst. Yet the reader, or some third party, perceives a real slap across the face. There's no real explanation. It's just the way it is.

    So I sympathize with you. But there's not much to be done. Just stay away from the places that really are mean.
  4. Nanonevol

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    Totally agree. I blame it on Trump.
  5. KCvale

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    For me, I call 'em as I see 'em, but I try to keep it in a constructive way.
    The thing for me anyway is pointing out absurdly ignorant designs, idea's, and finished far from safe builds, as well as Kudos for cool quality builds is all.

    Ya, a 'salty bunch' as most don't pull any punches when it comes many things, especially safety, be thankful for that, it may save your life.
  6. bakaneko

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    It really comes down to perspective and that there are many ways to do things. I respect both sides those who can dedicate the time and money to create beyond standard builds and than those folks that just want to do the standard and have fun as soon as possible. I mean tbh I got a lot of flak for my $50 Walmart bike and cheapest 4-stroke kit, but it is working out really well for me and I definitely feel safe on it. My riding and other cars driving skill, well, that is an entirely different story. This is a really fun hobby and way to get around town; respectfully opinions and comments should not be reserve for the professionals and folks with years of mechanical experience but for all to help each other otherwise I'll just go read a guide.
  7. Nanonevol

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    There's nothing constructive about calling a person an "idiot" or a "moron". I don't mind as much if someone tells me my idea is idiotic, people make mistakes, but there is no need to call me an idiot personally. My take on internet bullies is that they are usually cowards who wouldn't have the balls to say half the stuff they say to a persons face.
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    a tad off topic but kind of related

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    I am a Viet Nam Vet and spent a lot of years in law enforcement, I wrestled, boxed and ride moto-cross so I'm about as salty as salty gets. Being salty does not explain why some folks feel that the have to put people down for asking a question. Ignorance explains why they do that.
    Big G
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  10. 45u

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    Sorry to say many of those you try to help are just as rude and when you try to help they want to say I know that well if you know that then why are you asking. Guess that comes from so many youngens on here. Yes I was young once and experice has a lot to say.
  11. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    Lazy people ask dumb questions and they then get flak from smart people that take the time to research the subjects they are interested in.
    I'll bet the lazy people don't even try to use the search function before they ask their zero level question.
    Of course that's no excuse for smart people to be mean. Dumb people have rights too, you know.
  12. 45u

    45u Active Member

    See you are like me have great people skills. LOL
  13. Big G

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    It's been my own experiance that I cannot go on line to ask a question if I don't know what to ask or indeed don't know what the question is. That's where readers experiance comes in handy. Like a first time builder trying to figue out why his bike doesn't run well. I asked a question a couple of years ago about why does my motor chug under 20 mph. I was told that I was a sissy for going under 20 mph. And that was the least of the derogatory comments. I really like this site, I just wanted to make a general statement about why do people have to, are compelled to be so mean.
  14. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    sometimes people make "mean" comments with a much lighter attitude than the remarks are taken at.
    I'm from Texas and there only your friends can be "mean" to you with cutting comments. When I get friendly with a yankee and make a cutting comment in a light hearted manner they get all offended etc and then I have to explain myself.
  15. Big G

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    The term Yankee takes on a demeaning feel when used in the way you have used it as a proud TEXAN. If you applied your "Texan intellagence" to what you have written, you would realize that if you had not responded in the way that you did to those people in the past, you would not need to say you are sorry later. Why not just be respectfull in the first place. Now I am kind of sorry that I brought up the whole, why so mean question, in the first place. Obviously the subject only brings out more hostillity from pepole who are prone to be mean in the first place. I just want to enjoy conversing with other enthusiasts, i don't want to read this rediculous dribble.
  16. Rob H

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    Well I'm gonna toss my 2 cents in on this nah nevermind
  17. HeadSmess

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    hey, i like being dumb! it means i have an excuse for being mean!

    oh... wait. no it doesnt...

    yes it does! i know no better!

    sod you all!!!!

    little sooks :)

    people are just too soft and thin-skinned these days... its all that dove moisturizing soap, im telling ya! eating away at millenia of evolution!
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  19. Big G

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    Now that's funny! True and funny.Thanks for the humor.