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    Oh my gosh,

    The dark knight = A MUST SEE for everyone (over 13 lol)
    I just saw a 12:05 first run of it at my local theater and it was the best batman movie to come out since...ever (in my books), and don't even get me started on the acting, Heath did an AMAZING job here :eek: theres no doubt in my mind that he should receive at the least a nomination.

    The movie had a little bit of everything in it, thrills, stuff that makes you jump 6 inches out of your seat, a bit of romance, the classic superhero/villain feud, ACTION, and theres also an intellectual side that was very interesting.

    Now I'm not going to spoil anything, go and see it for yourselves, I just wanted to give it a high recommendation and say that even if you haven't been a batman fan you will still like it.


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    Lets see, wasting my money on some Hollywood trash or a new toy for my bike, tough decision.
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    Batman and Hancock double at the drive-in this weekend. Sounds doable to me.
  4. I just got the email from Cascade Drive In and saw that, I bet it will be packed this weekend.

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    Oh wow... This might be worth the trek out there.

    EDIT: Nevermind... it's supposed to be scattered thunderstorms all weekend. One of these days I need to make it out to a drive-in though. Haven't been since I was a little kid.
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  6. mechmanjdd

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    It was actually worth the 6 dollar tickets, just bring your own snacks :grin:
  7. I went and saw it on iMAX- tickets were $12 and well worth it. Price in a regulat theater are $10.50 any way