why the freakout?????



i replied to someones comment... ...and mentioned EDITED OUT!!! and someone complained... ...whats up with the attitude???????

the "someone" who complained was the Forum Admin, so what 'tude we talkin' about here? mine as Admin or yours for not adhering to policy? i sent you a private message about this, you went public, so here's my public answer...cya!!!

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he's already gone...he posted 2 links to the guy...i pm'd him, linked him to the reason and told him to never mention you-know-who again...so what's the first thing he does?

right now, he's sending feedback to tom, it will be full of cussin' and threats...tom will refer him to me...i'll ignore him...all he accomplished was more bad publicity for his friend.

"birds of a feather..."
he just now tried to get around me as "SCOTT SUMMERS"...now the ip's are banned and he can't even see.
more forum feedback on the way from scott-summers...more threats and cussin' for the BS file.
i got one feedback...i can tell he didn't even read the link i sent by way of explaination & just figured to duke it out with me on the open forum.

feedback score:

number of cusses: 2
quality: 2/5
originality: 0/5
sincerety: 4/5

threats: 0?
(is "sun don't shine" a threat or cuss?)

everyone: if we've pm'd you about something, it's because we know you're probably unawares...keep it pm and work it out with us, other folks can tell you that it works.

otherwise, hard truth be told, we're too busy having fun with the cool cats to be messin' around with ya. we wouldn't want you hanging around our garage, drinking our beer, and acting like that, so...?
azkronic's canadian too...(i believe niagra?)

meantime...your first & only post...please tell me you're not just here for a fight, because you would be outta line, you either misunderstood and overreacted, or you are kidding and i apologise...please clarify.