why won't it start?



ok, so i finally got my baby all put together. i pedaled to autozone and got a little 4oz bottle of 32:1 2 stroke oil. it said mix 4oz with 1 gallon, so i figure 4oz with half a gallon will give me 16:1. then i pedaled to the gas station, filled the tank half way, dumped in the oil and topped off the tank with more gas. i opened the lever in the bottom of the gas tank and watched until the whole fuel line filled with blue. then i pumped the little button on the carb a few times, closed the choke(up), and pedaled my heart out. at about 10mph i let the clutch out. it made a whirrrrrrrrrr sound as i slowed to a stop. i figured, well its new maybe it takes a few tries. after about 10 tries i gave up and pedaled home.

i varified that i am getting spark at the plug, and i took the carb apart and the bowl was full and the float was working properly. i put it all back together and i still get the same results--- pedal, pop the clutch, whirrrrrr. no sounds of gas exploding inside the engine.

what did i do wrong?
Probably nothing, worth it to update the sparkplug and lead to get better spark, that's waht I've been informed to do..... but still haven't :)
check your needle valve take the bowl offthe carb with the carb upside down at the back of the flot is the needle valve make sure it moves freely in the seat
yes, it sounds like a minor fuel problem. this is the "fuel & exhaust" section of our owner's manual, check it out & see if it helps.
i checked the needle valve, and it moves freely. and i just got the engine to make a bit of noise. i removed the spark plug and dropped in a few drops of the gas mix. when i popped the clutch this time, i opened the throttle all the way up and it started to pur. then i pulled in the clutch to let it warm up. it died after about 30 seconds. after that i was able to get it to fire up without manually putting gas in the chamber, but i get the same 30-45second put-put-put.if i open the choke a bit, it dies. is this normal?
ok, i got her a running. i just needed to drink a beer and cuss alot. that seemed to do the trick. maybe we should put that in the help section of the forum.

and i just got back from my first ride.

i had a big smile on my face the entire time!
A MAJOR part of you problem is the 16/1 mixture- insanely over oiled! You can't get a good carb setting that way.....switch to 24/1 if you must over oil, but 32/1 is more than adequate.

With that much oil in the fuel/oil mixture you are running the gas to air mixture very lean which is not good for the engine either.
reluctant starter

My 48cc Howell was a pain to start when it was new, especially in the cold. The trick was to heat the plug up on the stove. Big tip. use oven gloves to hold a hot sparkplug. Quickly replace plug and away you go.