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    hi guys, on my friction drive bmx bike the tires go really quickly i was wondering if there was certian kinds i could get to last longer. Also a nighbor of mine was telling me about a hard tire, do they make them in 20 inch and have any of you guys tried them? thanks.

    alos by hard tire i mean soild rubber tire.
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  2. Mountainman

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    there are many longer lasting tires to be found

    I just bought another one from the old local bicycle shop

    remember -- for something a lot better -- going to be some extra money...

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    Interesting. Thanks Sparky. I'm running Schwalbe Big Apple tires, and the rear one has worn faster than I expected (I try not to smoke it too often). Maybe I will try the Ubdertaker. It looks to have good tread.
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    I'd imagine the Undertaker to go at least 3,000 miles... prolly closer to 5,000, tho.

    The tire liners are more impressive to me, tho. Riding with a nail, stuck in a pneumatic tire, and it doesn't bother me one bit to ride 20 miles away from home.
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    I'm a believer in tire liners. I use Mr.Tuffies in all tires on all my bikes. (Weirdly, my last flat was from a tire liner pinching a tube. Freak ocurrence IMO. It happened at the end of my 33 mile commute, just as I pulled into the parking lot at the shop.)