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    A friend bought a hub motor kit off of ebay.....he wants me to help him assemble it....problem is you need a bike with a front fork at least 4 and
    one quarter inches wide....having trouble finding a bike like that....where can he buy such a bike & what brand

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    Do a Google search for 135mm forks. Most look pretty expensive. You need to know what type of headset you have on the bike before buying any forks.

    It might be possible to bend the forks if they are chromoly. I would definitely get some feedback and do your research before attempting to bend the forks.

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  3. lowracer

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    You could look for a used Marzocchi Jr T?
    I've seen them go for about $100.
    It is 110mm wide at the axle so just wider than you need.
    Suoer plush suspension & triple clamp with adjustable leg length (sliding the stanchions in the triple clamp).
    The older ones are std axle (3/8"), the newer ones are 20mm thru axle.
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    My ROCKSHOX forks are 3.625" and 3.75".

    I recall installing a crystalyte hub on another ROCKSHOX fork of mine.
  5. 5-7HEAVEN

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    If you wanted, you could widen/fabricate a steel fork to your size.