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  1. wildnwooly

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    i am attempting to install a 80cc happytime on a '86 schwinn sierra mountaIN BIKE, THE CRANK SIDE PEDAL CLEARS BY 3/4".



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    There is a company that makes electric motor kits for bikes that mount down around the bottom bracket and they have a couple of longer BB Spindles for the old style cup bottom brackets. I just tried to search here for the threads that have links to this company but didn't find them. Maybe someone else will have better luck. Augi provided the link I remember but perhaps it was one of the threads that was deleated? If you go this route you need to be aware that you may adversly affect the chain-line for your pedal drive train.

  3. wildnwooly

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    i have been researching for 2 days now. i found out the type of spindle i need.
    it is a JIS(japanese industrial standard?) square taper bottom bracket spindle.

    on a chart i found on the internet it would be a 3X. it is a 68/133mm which means it fits in a 68mm shell(that is the part of the bottom bracket that the axel sits in, and 133mm long not counting the threads. in fact the threads are either a screw or bolt type.

    Now i am having much trouble finding it as it is so old. :shock:

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  4. wildnwooly

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    Good, my picture worked. The picture is of the old spindle. the new one would look very much like the old one but with the dimensions on the picture.

    i posted a picture in hopes someone will se it and say "oh, ive got some of those laying around", or know where to get one.
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    If the crank is steel, what about heating and bending it to clear the engine?
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    heat and bend

    i think murphys law has taken effect here as the crank arms are aluminum. i dont think i can grind off as much as needed without weakening them.

    i looked for the crank kits on other sites and havent found them yet.

    where i bought it, spookytooth, they have some crank sets that i dont think will work, but dont know yet as there are no pictures and very little descriptions. waiting for email reply on that.

    i was kinda hoping some people here had converted mountain bikes before that could help?:???:
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    gotta love having to special build a part just for you bike!
    Maybe find an old spindel ,cut off a side and have a welder weld it to your spindel for the extra length.Alum doesn't bend(well)and grinding it would weakin it--so modifing the arm seems to be out.
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    I found the part i was thinking of. Its sold by Cyclone-USA and here is the link, it's 3/4 of the way down the page http://www.cyclone-usa.com/store.php?crn=203 Alas they say that they are temporaly out of stock. You may want to contact them to see if they will be getting them in soon?

  9. wildnwooly

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    ocscully is my hero!

    you wouldnt believe how much i have researched and looked and called and posted, etc. to find something like that!

    i cant believe nobody even vendors if they read their own forums or this one seem to be brain dead when it comes to a problem like this.

    literally, i was so disillusioned with this project i was going to take a sledge hammer to the motor. seriously.

    two products on that link would work out perfectly. i thought i was explaining my problem correctly, and i thought maybe people just didnt know or were uncaring as to my particular problem.

    the products are more than i wanted to pay, but i couldnt get a resolution at any price.

    i am sure there are problems to come but getting past the fact the pedals hit the engine pretty much nixed all others.

    i have to thank you very much and must say your are evidently very knoweldgable, diligent and thoughtful.

    i went to work this morning sooo ****ed off thinking what a bunch of morons and illiterates and @$!@$s and i didnt want anything to do with this hobby any more!

    ive learned to try harder and be more explicit when i have problems in the future.

    ocscully, i owe you big time!

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  11. MasterLink

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    dude sounds like to me that the crank arm is bent take the peddle off get a pipe longer the better to fit over the arm and bent it where you want it
  12. wildnwooly

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    i am not making myself clear!!!!

    i need the crank to stick out further. longer axel or offset crank.

    thanks all for links but those guys dont have in stock or what they have wonbt work. the one guy is on vacation and will get back to me with dimensions over the weekend, but never did!

    i cant heat and bend as it is an alloy crank..

    cant find an offset crank anywhere.

    cant find a longer axel anywhere.

    cant find a bike shop in all of phoenix that has anything.

    cant find anyone who even cares enough to examin the problem , guess they are too 0u80534058i busy?

    i will figure something out, i just thought amoung all the people here there would someone to steer me right dircetion.

    if it takes me however how long to learn to weld and make my own axel if possible or cut another crank and bolt it to existing one i willllllllllll figure something out ....... what im trying to say is dont come here for help on a simple problem.

    i guess this is a forum for people who do for themselves then brag about it.

    i certainly dont mean this for everyone, but the other 99% should read the forums and give some advise occasionaly.
  13. pedalpower

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    sorry to read about your problems. I know I spent about 2 years before discovering this MB thing learning about spindles and bottom brackets. My MB is also going to be a single speed so my chainline on the right side is a consideration.

    I had to try out 3 spindle/crank combinations before I found a solution. I believe my spindle is 125mm and I flipped it so the long side is on the left. Even with a long spindle, the crank can cancel that out if it's made for a triple chainset.

    I've bought a few things from www.Harriscyclery.com and even www.niagaracycle.com

    good luck.
  14. kmpoling

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    Use the wider crank spindle from Cyclone-usa.com, A 3 piece crank is alloy steel that is heat threated and it will not be as strong if you cut, weld or other. I have purchsed one of these and it will give you about 1.2" extra length on the side opposite the chainwheel. It will also give you about .125" more on the chain wheel side. this crank axle will fit any bottom bracket with loose bearings and 3 piece square taper crank arms. Cyclone USA has been in and out of stock all year. If you can pre-order it, they will let you know and you will have it shortly 2-3 weeks at most. >KP
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