wider (longer) rear axle req'd; do they exist?

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    I am in the process of installing a basic 66cc 2 stroke kit, my first, on a 35 year old Japanese Apollo 10 speed racer. Had to bend my rear frame stays apart 1/2" so the motor drive chain would not rub the horizontal stay. I've got good chain-frame clearance now, but insufficient axle threads showing to properly secure the nuts.

    Has anyone ever heard of a place that sells longer axles? The original axle width is <7", so please advise if you know of one significantly longer-preferably 8" or >, as I intend to hook a trailer hitch to both sides of the axle, TIA

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    Hi and Welcome to Motoredbikes. Don't know the answer to your question, you likely would get more response if you posted your question in an approiate section of the forum.
    I guess you could bend the rear portion of the frame back toward the axle if you wanted.
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    First be sure of what thread and pitch you need for the axle...

    They do exist, I bought mine from my local bike shop back when I installed the GEBE

    Just be sure of what you need, and check with your local bike shop, they have catalogs for ordering such parts... it took a day or two for mine to come in
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    If you bring your axel or just a nut that fits it to a shop that serves the local machinest and welders with supplies, They should be able to fix you up with the proper threaded rod in any length you need.
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    Contact your local bike shop.

    Ask them for a QR tandem axle.

    You might have to clearance your dropouts .040".
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    ..and only 6 and a half years late..
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    Laughing pretty hard now.