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    Hey I'm WildThing..Always been interested in gas engines on bikes to the point of trying to make one about 10 years ago with no money of course. Now wanting to buy a silver slant 80/66 ccs. Thought I found a company, but your reviews were not favorable on them. Kings motorsbikes and gas bikes actually have the same website. Right down to the thank you letters from the same customer. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Hope to find a good company soon. In the meantime I will be reading all your posts. WildThing

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    Welcome to MBc WildThing!

    GasBike and KingsMotorBikes are ran by the same company, and their 3rd business sells "wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men". http://www.skypuppet.com/

    Definitely read up on the reviews, and when looking at a retailer, take a look at their warranties. "Limited Warranty" usually means if you install it and put gas in it, your warranty is void, so be sure not to just second glance at those.

    Myself, I've had great luck with RAW motors, but the biggest thing is to be sure to get any kit that has an NT carb, not the CNS carb.
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    Welcome aboard.