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    scroll down a little on the page to see the bike video.


    He explains that "it uses a 35cc 4-stroke engine and a driveline geared to work with my pedaling cadence of 100rpm. I designed and built the bike from scratch out of brass-brazed 4130. So far he has around 1200 touring miles on the bike and says that "it gets anywhere from 200-300mpg depending on load and terrain. Recently, he rode it from San Diego to Las Vegas in two and a half days while towing a 50lb trailer.
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    That looks pretty neat! the engine mount seems strange though, but I suppose under tension it stays put and keeps from fatiguing the frame.
  4. @pucksterpete: Thanks for the link.

    @srdavo: Good eye. I did add a freewheel crank. Had to drill out the staton gearbox, flip the output shaft around. I used the White Ind. freewheel and crank arms from SBP. I also switched the rear 8-spd hub out for a Nuvinci N360 hub.

    @happycheapskate: Almost all the load is taken up by the rear mount in the gearbox. That forward strut that connects near the headtube, is only there to prevent the engine/gearbox from rotating around the rear mount. The strut uses right/left rod ends to rotate the gearbox around the rear mount, allowing me to adjust the primary drive chain tension just by rotating it (like a tie-rod).
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    That is really good. I saw a motorcycle engine mounted similarly, and it didnt fare so well, but for something at only a few horsepower and around 10 or 20 lb, it shouldn't be a problem at all. Very clever!
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