Will 2-strokes work mounted at 30-45 degree angles?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by mifletz, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. mifletz

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    Will 2-stroke engines like the Mitusbishi and Tanaka still work if fitted to a bike at 30-45 degrees?

    The 4-stroke Robin claims to continue working even if operated upside down. Can other 4-strokes like the Honda do likewise?

  2. mifletz

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    It seems from this that they will!


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    I Think Also The Honda 31cc 4 Stroke Can Operate At Many Positions. They Have A Special Oil System. The Titan 49cc, Is Doubtful. Imho. Ron
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    happy time

    from my experience with my motor still running when i flipped my bike...as long as the carb is in an upright position (to keep from leaking) the engine will run :)

    generally 2 strokes will without a problem. 4 stroke on some you risk engine damage
  5. The Staton will NOT run upside down, at least not for long. LOL. It can be operated at 90 degrees from the verticle pivoting around the crankshaft, not 180 degrees.

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    I Would Think That Any 2 Stroke Motor Would Run Fine In Any Postion, If Equipped With Chainsaw Type Carb And Receive`s Fuel. Ron
  7. Old Bob

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    You can mount any two stroke any postion you like.

    Only the Honda has true 360 degree operating angle. The Robin can run upside down breifly, but not continously.
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    Yup, you are right. The 4 strokes are a different animal. The Hondas are fine from the 25cc to the 35cc. The 50 and clones won't. Actually they will for a short time, but aren't designed to. (My Titan ran for a bit upside down after the wash from a snow plow blew me into a guard rail a couple days ago) The RS I believe can be run upside down, but shouldn't be stored that way at the risk of hydro lock as experienced by a member a while back. It has to do with the oiling system, the fuel carries the lubrication in a 2 stroke, and the small 4 strokes basically beat the oil into a mist for lub, and store it in a non directional chamber. The larger ones have a sump much like a car, and use gravity for oil control and storage. I am not sure how lubrication and storage is handled on the RS.
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    Denny has it dead on. A two stroke will also run backwards. just flip the mag over and find a way to turn it over in that direction. Have fun, Dave

    PS: My old Bultaco used to decide to run in reverse sitting at a signal. I would then have 4 speeds in reverse. LOL. I would have to kill the thing and kick it over to go. Embarrassing,

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  10. Old Bob

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    The oil is held in small sump seperate from the crank case and is picked up with a short rubber hose. Upside down you run the risk the hose won't bend around to pick up oil and the oil won't drain back correctly.

    We had a Sherpa T that would backfire when pushed hard at very low rpm, like right on top of the log, then run backwards.
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    Old Bob, I still have a Matador in the garage. I love the polished cases on the Bultaco. The poor thing is buried under a bunch of junk. My Metralla was not as nice as the pic, but I wish I still had it. Have fun, Dave
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    that bikes is sickkkkk
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    Between my brothers,my nephew and myself we have over 20 Bultacos. All kinds, Mercurio,Matador ISDT (still sealed), Frontera, Sherpa T,Sherpa S, Alpina,Astro, Pursang,Lobito probably a couple I forgot about.

    I only have 2, an M85 Alpina and a M213 Pursang Mkll slowly restoring the Alpina, the Pursang is for sale.

    A motorcycle mag writer once said "you should never own more motorcycles than you can ride at one time"

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    I have a great fondness for Bultacos, Hodakas, and Pentons. They are beautiful machines.
    Sorry for the thread hijack.
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    With my happy time bikes my Whizzer every model of the Honda 50 made in the 60's the Bultaco and a bunch of others I have over twenty bikes out there. They are all my little friends, I don't have the heart to sell any they will miss me. I was a mechanic at Honda in the 60's. I still have a few from then. LOL Have fun, Dave