Will a 2 stroke 66cc fit?



I’m wondering the same thing. Might just order it and weld a mount if I have to


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Jun 24, 2016

Looks like it should be fine, mind you that is scaled only to whatever size frame they decided to photograph, geometries between small, med, and large sizes will likely change the triangle size slightly.

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the merax finiss 26 inch mountain bike

Hi, a newbie here working on my first build on an old Schwinn high plains. If it works out, I have a Finiss that I want to build next. Those measurements on the pic are closer to the bar lengths, not the inside opening. Plus the down tube and top tube are much thicker. However, I held my engine up to mine and it looks like it would be a tight fit and would come down to the brand of engine and how you fit the mounts. Might even have to use an offset intake to fit the carb, but it looks possible. If my first build works out then I hope to build my Finiss with a jackshaft shift kit so i can keep my disc brake and send power through the gears of the bike's regular drive chain. Wish me luck and if you build a Finiss, let me know how it goes!