Will a 4 Stroke-er Fit in a Huffy 27.5" Belt Drive Cruiser?

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  1. Leroybrown420

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    Will a 4 Stroke-er Fit in a Huffy 27.5" Belt Drive Cruiser?

    k2-_1e74db9d-eee4-43ce-b41c-0ade395871e3.v1.jpg k2-_927b352b-d6b6-4d95-ae13-d6c42322ffcc.v1.jpg

  2. KCvale

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    What a funky frame design...
    Not near enough room for a center cavity 4-stroke, maybe not even a 2-stroke.

    You could a do a rear 4-stroke or an electric but that's about it.
  3. Leroybrown420

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    I bet this 49cc 2 stroke will fit with custom brackets.

    SKU221769 (1).jpg

    49cc Manual Racing Engine Red Mini Pocket Minimoto Air Cooled ATV Dirt Bike


    A fully uprated version of the 49cc mini moto air cooled racing engine capable of achieving 40mph dependant on user weight and terrain
    Cosmetically colour coded as pictured with multiple upgrades over the standard engine
    High performance cylinder head, high performance plug, powdercoated metal pullstart, high flow air filter and 15mm carburettor to list but a few
    Balanced crank, ported piston windows, upgraded clutch and bell housing with pinion support
    Fits all air cooled Chinese mini moto models, mini quad, mini dirtbike, mini racing bike. Runs a 30-1 two stroke oil mix
    4+ horsepower
    Pullstart / recoil
    Revs up to 12000 RPM
    3000 RPM more than standard 49cc
    Comes with metal pullstart with metal inner pawl, performance ignition coil, 49cc performance piston with ported windows, uprated clutch, lightened crank, performance high compression cylinder head with race plug and 6 tooth hardened clutch housing and pinion.
    Colour coded as pictured.
    6 tooth drive sprocket attached to clutchbell
    Subject to severe vibration so check all nuts and bolts regularly.
    This is a racing engine product: We are unable to offer any warranty on this item unless we have fitted it ourselves. Unsure? simple, ask or don't buy.
    Mini Moto 49cc Air Cooled High Performance Racing Engine.
    This is the high power engine with upgrade modifications pre fitted. If you are looking for maximum power from a mini moto engine, then this is what you need.
    Standard output for a 49cc mini moto engine is around 3 horsepower at the rear wheel, this unit puts out nearer 4+ horsepower and revs up to 3000 more than the standard engine.
    All race engines need constant checking due to high vibration. This item will need all bolts tightening and checking prior to use


    Measurement mm inches
    Bore Diameter 44 1.73
    Distance Between Top Fixing Holes (centre of eye to centre of eye) 56.7 2.23
    Distance Between Bottom Fixing Holes (Clutch Side, Centre of Eye to Centre of Eye) 55.2 2.17
    Distance Between Bottom Fixing Holes (Pullstart Side, Centre of Eye to Centre of Eye) 65.9 2.59
    Distance Between Bottom Fixing Holes (Pullstart to Clutch across, Centre of Eye to Centre of Eye) 83 3.27
    Distance Between Bottom Fixing Holes (Pullstart to Clutch diagonally, Centre of Eye to Centre of Eye) 102.6 4.04
    Length (Approx) 310 12.2
    Height (Approx) 112 4.41
    Engine Displacement 49 cc / cm3
    Engine Size 49 cc / cm3
    Engine Type 2-stroke
    Voltage 12 v
    Transmission Automatic direct drive
    Reverse? No
    Start Function Pull start
    Oil Gauge Oil Pre-mixed
    Ignition Direct
    Clutch Type Centrifugal
    Width (Approx) 231
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    That might be interesting, $68.
    I just did a 79cc and no desire to custom another.