Will a 49cc fit on this frame?


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8:17 AM
Jun 30, 2008
I'm wanting to build my first motored bike using a HT motor, but it can't be mounted on my current mountain bike so I was looking for a cheap bike to try it out on. I found a Next Avalon at wal-mart, but I don't know if there is enough clearance for it to fit because of the way the frame is curved upward.


I searched the forum but couldn't find where anyone had put a HT motor on one of these. Has anyone tried this or know for sure if it will fit or not?
It's a nice looking bike, isn't it? I've also looked at them in person and I have my doubts about the fit. It might get in there, but it'll be a tight squeeze.

Sorry I can't give a definite answer. But there are alternative bikes. I imagine you've already seen them.
I just got this bike and am going to try to fit an 80cc in it in a week or so, i will let you know if it fit. unless you know already?
I've already installed it on a different bike now, but I would like to know if it fits because I still may buy the Avalon.
the good news... I was able to slide my 66cc engine into the triangle in the Avalon, so it can be done.

the bad news... I had to remove the carb and air box from the intake manifold, but I'm fairly certain that with a little tinkering and some copper pipe and fittings I can hook the carb and air box back up.
That's cool. I wish I had just got that bike now. It was on sale and it would have been a lot more comfortable than the one I have.:D
I will warn you that the wheels and crank on this bike are rubbish. I had to get new wheels because the bearing were so bad.
Other than the wheels, how's everything else holding up on this bike? I was at my local Wal-Mart last night and they had five of these on sale for $59. They are normally around $100 ($112 on the website). I don't expect much from a cheap bike, but for that price I can handle replacing a few things.
awesome, I took its up a gated state forest road(rocky and uneven ground) and it held together great. The only word of caution is if you do get it, make sure you pad the motor mounts with some rubber or cloth. The frame vibrates a lot with out padding.