Will a grubee 80cc fit in a 18" cruiser frame???

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Annoyin1, Apr 13, 2012.

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    I've never done a frame mount. But that's the kind of bike I'd use for one.
  3. KCvale

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    Yep, that looks like it would be a fine MB, and just for reference there are no 80cc motors, they are 66cc ;-}

    Just get a SickBikes Z front mount the size of your front downtube, that size matters, and it should go together easy.

    Is your bike that black model?

    If it's black you might want to invest in a can of black high temp motor spray paint.

    If you paint all your mounting brackets, side covers and head black you can get a pretty nice 'uniform look' of the motor to the bike so it doesn't look so much like a 'kit on a bike' and more like it was designed and built that way kinda like this recent build.



    It's amazing what you can find to paint when you know that $8 can of high temp spray paint can be used on any part of your bike including the motor and I suppose even the muffler ;-}

    Just a tip.