Will a happy time throttle and cable work on a GEBE Robin/Subaru??

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  1. I have a several HT engine kits laying around and just ordered a GEBE kit with a Subaru/Robin 4 stroke and was wondering if I can use the HT throttle and cable on the GEBE setup....Anyone done this????

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    I've used a twist throttle with the R/S engines with no problem. It wasn't from a HT kit but aftermarket made in China so I'd guess it's the same thing. I prefer the lever throttles but I don't think you'll have a problem as long as the cable/housing length is about right. On a standard bike for many rack mounts somewhere between 55" and 60" is good.
  3. Thanks for the reply....Does the R/S engine have a heavy spring that pulls the throttle back closed????Why do you like the lever throttle better????From the pictures it looks like it would be more of a pain to operate....
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    I've used both and come to like one over the other. The levers I use will easily lock in any chosen position when you want and leave hands free operation, kind of a poor man's cruise control, lol. Not something you'd want on a motorcycle. :D
  5. were did you buy the levers that lock into place,or does the levers from GEBE do that????I seen one thread on here were a guy used a peice of wood to lock his throttle into place for cruise control,it looked kinda dangerous if you ask me lol....Some of the crazy stuff we members come up with on this website....
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    Not sure what Gebe has. There are a bunch of levers around, some of the motor bike sellers have 'em, or lawn equipment sellers, on fleabay too IIRC.

    Some of the guys use the ATV type.
    I've come to like these:

    Price is right, they have a return spring and locking mechanism and they come with 72" of nice cable. You will need cable housing, I buy a roll and make my own:


    You will need to make the carb end barrel. (I use fine copper telephone wire and silver solder)
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  7. Happy Vally,thanks for the links and info....I will have to keep them in mind when my kit comes in....The shipping order said it should be here thursday....
    I bought a Black and yellow Mongoose full supension bike to match my yellow R/S engine....I think its going to look really nice....Im ordering 12 gauge rims and heavy duty non agressive tires from my local bike shop...I also bought some heavyduty slime tires today at wal-mart....
    I have been driving the HT bikes for about 5 years now and thought I would try a kit that is supposto be reliable....The bike im riding now is a Kuluna moondog with a 66cc Raw engine,cloud 9 seat,speedo,front and rear lights,front bag,back rack,12 gauge rims,and heavyduty tubes and tires....
    This is my only means of transportation to get to work and back and needed to get another bike just incase one broke down....Im really hoping this GEBE kit turns out to be a reliable means of transportation....
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    When I ordered my GEBE kit, they asked me which engine I was using so they can send along the correct throttle cable which they include with the kit
  9. They didnt ask me what engine I was using,but I think in the conversatin I mentioned I planed on buying the EHO35 R/S engine....Hope I get the right throttle cable....