will a HT motor fit on this bike?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by bigtrucker2007, Aug 19, 2010.

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    Sure will, I've built two of them. One thing that will need to be made is a custom front mount, due to the curved frame. The engine should be raised so the chain won't hit the frame.

    Check out my free drawing..link in my signature.[/QUOTE]

    thank u l am going to get the bike. and I just entered the drawing thanks
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    [/QUOTE]thank u l am going to get the bike. and I just entered the drawing thanks[/QUOTE]

    The engine needs modifications (inexpensive) to be made right out of the box.

    Needs wielding, no problem on the E-mail, If you don't have access to someone that can make it for you just let me know. Heck with the proper equipment you can make one. I'll send the measurements tomorrow. There are other front mounts that others have made for this type of bike..do a search, you might find one you like better.

    Look here... http://s982.photobucket.com/albums/ae309/Ron-Becker/Engine Mounting/
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    How I made the front mount.

    1) Light weight angle iron. I used a piece of 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1/6" bed frame.
    2) A 2" x (width of tube) x 1/16" flat bar.
    3) Muffler clamp..the smallest, I think it was 1-1/2" or maybe a 1-3/4". The smallest will be a little large but will be fine when tightened down.

    I used the front mount to use as a measurement, which made the angle iron 2" long. Used the mount holes to determine where the holes needed to be drilled. In my case my mount holes are 1-5/8" center to center apart. I found that when the angle iron was mounted on the engine, it raised the engine just what I wanted as far as engine height on the seat tube.. This can be adjusted either lower or higher. Lower..cut the angle iron off where it meets the tube. To raise, replace flat bar with another piece of angle iron the width of the tube. Wield together as shown in the picture.

    Before drilling and welding determine the center point and measure out from there. So the mount holes will be 13/16" either side of center, or whatever you need. Once the mount was made, I removed the mount and bent the piece that rests on the tube to fit as perfect as I could BEFORE clamping with the muffler clamp.

    Once mounted and tightened I haven't had the first problem. It makes for a rock solid mounting system.
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    A Chinese smoker will probably fit on that bike, but you should consider using something else instead.

    That bike has only one barely passable brake, and you'll probably screw it up in the course of installing the kit. I have seen this over and over. You need more braking than that if you are to exceed the normal 10-12 mph that a beach cruiser is designed for.

    It's aluminum, so you are limited in what you can do to it to make the motor kit fit. Steel is more versatile and tolerant of modification.

    The downtube is curved, so it's no longer round in cross-section. It's aluminum, so it's fatter than normal. Both these things tend to complicate mounting, either by making it difficult to do or by making it unlikely to stay tight.

    If you start with a bike that has good handbrakes to begin with, and is made from steel, and does not present unnecessary obstacles to secure mounting by using curved or shaped tubing, you'll have an easier time of installing your kit and less maintenance to keep it running well.