will a three speed hub work?

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    Yesterday i went to a really cool bike shop that specializes in selling old and vintage bikes, the shop is called Re-Cycle, soon as i walked in I saw it, an all chrome 60's or early 70's Sears bike with a rack and headlight with three speed rear hub, I bought it for $100, it may be worth alot more because of its condition. what my question is, the HT kit I bought says the rear sproket will only work on a small hub, has anyone used a three speed internal and did it work and shift?

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    Tink, I used a 3 speed AMF Roadmaster for my build. In regards to the hub, i had to take my sprocket to my University's metal shop and widen the inner diameter of the sprocket with a drill press and a bi metal hole saw. If you have access to that equipment it takes less than 10 mins to widen it, otherwise good luck with a dremel or a file. As for the 3 speeds, I completely disconnected my shifter cable, and put a spacer in the hub lever to lock the bike in its easiest gearing, so far that has worked well. I have no idea how the shifting works while motorized, but I hear that the internal gearing can't take the torque of the engine.
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    heres what I have done. I used a Schwinn automatic two speed Kickback hub and laced it into a vintage drop center rim. the hub works by rotating the drive in reverse then forward thus switching gears this eliminates extra cables and shifters and it needs no adjusting.
    You can still find these hubs online for about 50 to 75 bucks... FYI there are three types of these hubs The red band like the one in the photo ,, and there is the yellow band hub sometimes with 28 or 36 spoke
    and the blue band hub for 28 spoke set ups

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    Well, here's what i ran into. The hub diameter is too large for the holes on the sproket, and the holes on the spacers to line up, also the lip where the spokes connect to the hub is too large in diameter for the sproket bolts to pass through and connect to the spacers. What rim/hub combinations are proven to work with the HT kits?
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    So, even if you widen the inner diameter of the sprocket, it still won't fit? That was my only setback.