Will a Whopper Stopper fit into a Greenline Cruiser???


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Mar 21, 2008

I just ordered the Whopper Stopper 4-stroke kit:


I need to purchase a bike for the engine (I wanted a cruiser with multiple speeds).

Do you guys think that the Whopper Stopper will fit into the Greenline cruiser 7-speed? I'm worried about height clearance and front to back (length) clearance. The whopper stopper manual states that I need at least 14-15 inches of clearance from the bottom bracket to the bottom of the top tube. The seat tube of the Greenline is 18.25 inches, but some of that length is "eaten up" by the top tube.

Here's pics of the Whopper Stopper in a different bicycle:



Here's the bike I was thinking of buying:


Big pic of the Greenline cruiser:


Do you guys think it will fit? :confused: Has anybody here done it already? :D
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Someone else posted this suggestion, and based on my own installation of the same kit, I think it is accurate- the space needs to fit a 10" x 10" box.

Now, you don't have the bike there, I understand, but to be certain, get the box (make one the right size), find a shop that sells that bike- or a firend who has one, and try it.
I don't think you will have any problems fitting the 4-stroke kit into the greenline bicycle shown. The one area where it may require a little creative thinking is attaching the tank to the top tube due to the oversized oval shape. But members here have solved this problem before without too much trouble.

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