will an HT motor fit my needs?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Bible Man 20, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. Bible Man 20

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    I think i have now atleast narrowed my engine choices down by discluding ht engines.i hae gotten great info from all of you and i ty for that.i think i will be going with either: ht water pump engine, Subaru 25 and 35, Honda25 and 35, Honda GX50, Mitsubishi TLE33, TLE 43, Tanaka33 Tanaka 40, or Honda/ Mitsubishi off brands: Huasheng 50, Titan 50,

    do you agree with these choices which were based on your input?
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  2. Al.Fisherman

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    My son's sole transportation during good weather is his HT bike. He rides 1.5 miles to work. I myself have one as a toy and when he is off we ride together. Yesterday we did a 30 mile trip through Oak Mountain State Park here in Pelham, just south of Birmingham. Today we did a 10 mile trip to one bank, to the Post Office, on to his bank, on to my bank and ended up at China Mart. All in all a hour plus trip today. The only problem encountered is that my chain came off twice..(a 2 minute fix) my fault as I need to put a longer chain on and rearrange my tensioner.
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  3. Bible Man 20

    Bible Man 20 Member

    so you think it will fit my needs?
  4. andynogo

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    I ride to work a few times a week- 15km round trip (near enough 10 miles) and the only problems I've had are my fault due to tinkering.

    As long as you're mechanically minded and are prepared for a little bit of maintenance (more if you play with it) then you'll be fine.
  5. Turtle Tedd

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    Get the HT motor kit..48 cc Grubee Skyhawk..I do 20 to 30 mile trips almost every weekend...almost every day I ride it down to the beach and back 8 miles..the main thing is to take your time when putting the kit on the bike..break it in right..and do not ride it wide open...maintenance is common sense..make sure the chain tensioner is doing its job..brakes are working..wheels are not falling off, etc...DO IT...any problems or questions will be answered here by people on this forum ..you will be happy and have a cool looking bike
  6. Al.Fisherman

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    Actually, I'm don't see it as will the bike fit your needs...it is...will you fit what they are designed for. Personally at 62 I wouldn't think twice to make a commute like that, so long as weather permits. Like I said I ride mine as a toy, but not sure how I would feel if I was dependent on it for commuting. I don't work, but if I worked within 5-10 miles from the house I'd go for it. The thing is, since these kits are so cheap, even if you decide not to commute with it you have a nice toy.

    Like my Avatar says....Put The Fun Between Your Legs.:devilish:
  7. cpuaid

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    for short 5 miles or less commute it will suffice. i commuted almost all summer, 12 miles each way, 6 days a week, in up to 110 F weather. i blew out (2) HT during that period. through personal experience, they do not hold up well to prolong and extended rides in high temperatures or steep hills. bring along a small tool bag whenever you ride. that thing will break down on you if you are going to do daily commuting. considering a complete kit is less than $120, they are a real bargain. spare engines was only $75 shipped.
  8. andyszyd

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    Honest post, that's sums it up for HT kits, drive 5 miles or less, blew 2 HT engines in one season, bring your toolshed with you when you ride, carry a spare engine with you. LOL

    I rather PEDDLE my bike 5 miles every time I need to, instead of buing and riding HT kit.

    Why bother when for a few more bucks you can buy engine you can ride coast to coast all day and night alone?

    Reputable and dependable engines, no junk here:

    Subaru 25 and 35, Honda25 and 35, Honda GX50 (all 4 strokes)

    Mitsubishi TLE33, TLE 43, Tanaka33 Tanaka 40 (all 2strokes)

    Honda and Mitsu clones: Huasheng 50, Titan 50 (4 strokes), Mitsu clones 52 cc, 40-43 cc (2 strokes) Theese clone engines may be or not as good as originals but so far they have a record of outlasting and outperforming HT junk as far durability and being trouble free.
  9. Bible Man 20

    Bible Man 20 Member

    whcih would u recommend out of those for my needs?could you post prices/links if possible.thank you so much for your help.
  10. andyszyd

    andyszyd Member

    I sent you PM, you will obviously pay more for Honda GX 50, Titan 50, Mitsu TLE 43 or Tanaka 40.

    Anything from $190 (Titan) to $300 + Mitsu and Tanaka.

    All engines I mentioned will go coast to coast with no trouble as was documented by many people traveling US and the world.

    Can HT do it?

  11. DJChrisp

    DJChrisp New Member

    I am not so clear on what your needs where. How far? How long? How often?
  12. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    I would rather pay the extra

    the Robin will also take you coast to coast

    can HT do it without many break downs
    just from what I have seen ---------------- heck no

    MM -- as he rides that thing
  13. andyszyd

    andyszyd Member

    Obviously Robin can, I mentioned Subaru Robin in one of my previous posts on this thread.
  14. iron_monkey

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    My HT is trouble free(as long as I don't tinker with it), and it sees WOT all the time. The risk with HTs is a bad batch/supplier, if you got a good batch they are very reliable.

    If you want more piece of mind get a 4 stroke, but the frame mounted ones also have reliability issues with the gearbox, and the rear mounted ones while reliable are an eyesore.
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