Will be starting on my first ebike assembly shortly


Local time
4:29 AM
Dec 27, 2012
Topock, Arizona USA
Wife and I both have health/balance problems, so opted for the Schwinn Meridian three wheeler and ordered the Staton Honda GX35 kit for it.

Got the bike from Wally world for $260.00 with free delivery to SC in Lake Havasu City, AZ. The SC called today and said it had been delivered and they would assemble today for PU tomorrow. So now waiting on big brown to beep, beep, with the Staton kit, will very likely have many questions for you guys as things proceed.

I may have a problem though, my wife of 52 years who has never been reticent about trying new things, is getting a bit excited about putting it together so she can try it out. But if she does like it, it will be a good problem, for I will just order another set up in like kind so we can ride together.

I have been researching an all around light setup for it. As the bike will be 100% street legal here in AZ, what I am looking for is a complete lighting system as to, head and rear lights, with brake and turn signals. For 30 bucks at Amazon, I found a dual 12/3 VAC bicycle generator rated at 12V 6W most buyer comments were very positive, with some having been using them daily for several years with no problems. The unit is actually two generators in the small package, 12 VAC for front and 3 VAC for rear. A guy has installed two on his bike and while riding charges batteries with them

Another guy posted a very good video showing voltage/watts output from the unit while riding his bike, he has LED lights running from it that are unreal as to brightness. But the post by one B. E. Sharrow is outstanding, bit technical, but still layman understandable.

Amazon URL here: http://www.amazon.com/Bike-Bicycle-...iewpoints=1&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending