will bmp kit fit?

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    hey guys i am currently looking for another bike for my bmp kit, does anyone know if it will fit on a bike that has 29" wheels? your help is greatly appreciated

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    I'm sure you could use the BMP kit on a 29'r bike although if you run bigger tires, the strut may be too short. A 29'r wheel is a 700c wheel but w/a wider rim to accept larger wider knobby tires. You could run road tires on the bike which are a lot lower profile than the knobbys. You could also always fab your own strut out of stock available at Lowe's or Home Depot if they run a bit short.
    Measure your existing strut & measure a 29'r bike axle to top of tire distance at the bike shop to get the right measure before buying the bike.
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    Like lowracer stated, I believe BMP kit will fit with longer rear support struts.

    I'm building a 29er also, but using in-frame Scooterguy mount. Unsure if it'll fit, though. If it doesn't, I'll be trying BMP's new rear chain drive.:idea:
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    Anyone else have lots of snow and below zero weather holdn back ur ridn.
    But it gives me Tweekn time.
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    ok thanks guys, im probably going to go with a bike that has disc brakes this time, cuz with the engine added those rubber pad brakes wore down in no time and failed miserably, this is the main reason im switching bikes.
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    Got Brakes?

    Depending on your speed, ya might want to consider high-performance disc brakes.

    I'm running 5hp, and 35mph cruising speeds at times. My OEM discs get a good workout, so I'm stepping up to AVID 203mm discs
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    Just a reminder, and for what it's worth, Friction Drives don't work well with aggressive treaded tires. Nor wet tires of any kind. I don't know anything about the 29'ers you guys are talking about here, but I gather they come with fairly aggressive treads on them. I've been well pleased with my BMP Friction. Now I'm getting interested in the chain drive. I can't believe they haven't done one way before now. BMP's kit should be able to be modified to fit about any bicycle very easily with longer struts as mentioned already by others and by a longer frame bracket, which they offer. You want to get the right combination so that your engine site level to the ground. Otherwise, if the engine is slanted one way or the other, you’ll most likely have a problem filling your fuel tank to the it’s fullest potential. That is if you have an engine mounted fuel tank like those on Robin/Subaru, Honda gx35, Harbor Freight 2 cycle auger engines and others. Not an issue with me. I have a separate fuel tank mounted on the other side of my bike. Hope this helps. Good luck !
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    I bet it will work with the standard struts, but you can call them and check. I've got a 700c "hybrid" bike I want to motorize so I looked up these tires and info.

    Q: Does the size of the wheel on my bike make a difference?
    A: No. With a friction drive system the gearing remains the same whether it is used on a bicycle that has 16", 20", 24", 26" or 27" wheels. It can be used on any size wheel.

    I think BMP also has longer struts available, and also a new kit option that converts the friction box to chain drive, using the Happytime type wheel cogs.

    29'er balloon tires

    $10 Cheng Shin commuter tire 700x40 [​IMG] http://www.niagaracycle.com/images/sbsimages/132794md.jpg
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    I run Vredestein Touring tires (on eBay, 2 for $33, free shipping) in 700x28c size that last a very long time.
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    re: Vredestien. Do they work with the friction rollers? (Low racer has a belt-drive bike)
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    The Vredesteins work with friction drive if you are looking for a narrower higher pressure tire. Most folks run big balloon beach cruiser tires. These are a thick, hard durometer, durable casing tires designed to be ridden many many miles by touring types which translates well into a long wearing friction drive tire. Friction drive is going to accelerate tire wear (any tire).
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    Thanks. I am putting one on a 700c bike with fat tires, but I think sometimes I will want to use road tires, esp as lighter spares.