will five bolts of six work?

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    Once more I had a screw up. one of the six hub mounted disk brake holes looked like the thread was bad so I tried to clean it out with a tap. Guess what? The end of the tap broke off in the hole.

    Now I have only five mounting points for my rear drive cog. I have a Top Hat adapter for a 36 tooth rear cog. and a Deore Rear hub. I guess if all else fails I can use the "rubber clamp" method but I would not like to have the spokes stressed that way.

    I have put lock tight in all of the holes and plan on letting them sit over night. Everything looks centered and there is very little difference in the chain tension when the wheel rotates a full turn.

    Any Ideas?

    Mike Frye-the frustrated bike guy:-/

  2. You could try removing the tap, perhaps from the back side? It might be difficult to drill out the tap to use an easy-out as it is hardened steel, but I would try. An industrial supply store should sell drill bits hard enough to drill into the tap. Or you could just use it with 5 bolts.
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    IMHO-- I would mount it with 5 bolts. My trike sprocket is bolted on with 3 bolts, without any problems.
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    Besides that you will never be able to drill out a tap in alum. There are tap extractors - maybe you can borrow one.
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    if you got five out of six

    you (( should )) have no problems

    now as you ride that THING -- have fun
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    tap extractor if you can find one....you can try to pick it out with a home made pick.......or......my personal favorite, just don't worry about it. Of course that's just me. :jester:
  7. Just use the 5 bolts and you should be fine.
  8. retromike3

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    5 seem to work

    I let the lock tight set up for two days and then have been going for a few rides (all less than five miles) and it seems to be holding up well. With my fingers crossed I am going to try to ride it downtown tomorrow.

    Mike Frye the bike guy
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