Will it ever be finished. Probably not..


It don`t look like much, But after all this trial and error over the last year messing with bigger carbs, porting, setting the squish ect..tried useing a catnip cdi and I had been trying to get a stuffed g2 reed and 21mm pwk carb and than a smaller 19mm oko just couldn`t get ittuned right with it. Useing the 40 tooth sprocket i had lost 6mph with the bigger carbs and catnip cdi. I ended up going back to a ztmoto reed and bofang carb and reg, cdi. Now she`s back up there over 40mph rippen it for even more. A couple of thing i`m gonna change is the wheels. I have ordered a Phantom 85 kit (cant wait). The 36 tooth rag joint sprocket that comes with it. I am putting it on a set of black rims and spoke wheels thats going on this ride again. I`ll use the cnc 40 tooth sprocket with the 85 kit. I`m sure the catnip cdi coil and bigger carbs will come back into play later on. But besides mounting the back of the f2 better and a bag on the front to hide cable and carry tools, she almost done.
It’s hard to tell from the pic…
If the edges of the ports are sharp it would be a good idea to chamfer them… bevel the port edges… this will stop ring snag.


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Should be getting the last peice to be able to get my bike together. The cnc front mount.
Found an airleak under the carb at the case half. Guess I'll have to split it apart.


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