Will it fit? 48cc frame mount to a Walmart Hyper Havoc?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by JRowe, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. JRowe

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    So I'm looking for a budget bike. I have a few candidates, but I'm leaning toward this bike.


    I'm new to bicycles in general, so I'm not sure what this type of frame is called, but was wondering if I would have major issues fitting a 48cc engine to the frame?

    http://www.bikeberry.com/48cc-mega-...-stroke.html?gclid=CNej2vH2or8CFQGtaQodOR8Amg is the kit I'm looking at.

    My goal is to keep it under $300 and under 50cc, and I have some friends at work that want to join me.

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  2. bmg50cal

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    Too beaucoup!!!
  3. dougsr.874

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    You really can't be serious.
  4. JRowe

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    Lol, thanks for the constructive comment, Doug. :rolleyes7:

    So it looks like it won't fit? Alright, back to searching other readily obtained cheap bikes.


    This one looks doable, with a forum thread already showing a build, even though its not full suspension:

    I'm scouring Craigslist for bikes as well. Any recommendations for cheap big box bikes?
  5. dougsr.874

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    DO NOT try to motorize the Genesis that is pictured in your link to Walmart......1st problem...carb will not fit in frame unless you buy an offset intake...but, the worst problem is that the bikeframe takes an inward curve on the lower part of the frame next to the back wheel....causing the motor chain NOT to clear the frame....The Genesis ONEX can be motorized quite easily.
  6. JRowe

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    Thanks! There seems to be a lot of extra engineering on most full suspension bikes. I'm looking at spending a little extra on putting together my own bike and buying the frame and so on, so I can ensure the engine fits, and get the best bang for my buck. I'm also considering the same route with the engine kits - it's nice to have everything in one easy package, but someone's making money on putting it all together. I'll use the information on the forum as best I can to get a list of all the parts, and then see if purchasing them individually saves money. This will probably turn into a parts thread, and a typical stream of consciousness first project - I appreciate the tip!
  7. wheelbender6

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    That style frame is only suitable for rack mount engines. Very few rear suspension bikes will accept a motor mounted in the frame, and most of those are pre-2005 vintage.
    -Buy a hard tail frame if you want a frame mounted engine. You can add a suspension seatpost.
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  9. JRowe

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  10. wheelbender6

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    I have seen Avalons with a two stroke in the frame but it is a tight fit. They usually use an offset intake manifold for carb clearance and many of the engine vendors sell them.
  11. JRowe

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    I found an already built motored bike on craigslist and went with it. I got it for $280.

    Anyone have any thoughts? While he demonstrated it, he accidentally snapped the petcock (the threaded bit is in the tank, and I'm going to get a removal tool/toolkit/stuff from walmart.)

    From what he said, it sounds like this was built by ThatsDax.

    It was putting along quite nicely, good kick to it, until he broke it. The tank emptied onto his pants and he thought he'd flooded it before realizing what happened. So it goes... so I get to replace the fuel line today. Whee. I tried jury rigging a temporary hose. I'll report back on how it works. Off to the gas station to fuel up.
  12. JRowe

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    It works... beautifully. I just had so much fun. I had the throttle choked too low (high?) and it was dying without giving me any power. When flipped the throttle all the rest of the way, vrooooooom. Someone yelled that they were trying to sleep, but I did not care :p

    Since my car is totalled, this will be my primary form of transportation. I'll need new brakes, as these ones squeak. I'll also get some slime/noflat tires, and switch out the sprocket (the current sprocket is a 42 tooth, the new one is 59, or some such. I have quite a few dips and hills, so I'll want good torque.

    I've ridden a motorcycle before. This is similar, but different. A little less intimidating, very exhilirating.
  13. HeadSmess

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    let sleeping dogs lie... but then, if you only blipped it a few times and someone started whinging...sucker! thats what ya get for living in the burbs! for youre own sake, be considerate. but, if its 2 pm, tell them to shutup, the snoring is upsetting your budgie or something :jester:
    not many fs frames at all for motorising. GT LTS is the main suspect. some cannondale thing ive seen. a proflex. im sure theres others, but they arent easy cheap or common...