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    I recently purchased a Dax 50cc kit (don't have it yet, waiting for it to get here), and I was hoping it will fit a 26" MTB I got last year. I'm a bit worried it won't fit the frame, and was wondering if you guys could help me figure out if it will or not.

    Measurements (inside frame):

    Seat post (crank to top tube)- 12"

    Down tube-22 1/2"

    Top tube-19"

    And i seen a few people had troubles with thier pedals not clearing the engine so i measured the gap between cranks~ 5 1/2"

    Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.


  2. Gap between pedals no problem.
    We really need to look at your bike to get a consensus. That seat post measurement to top tube may be a problem. But then again it may not be but we can't tell you unless you can get us a pic. Even a link to the same bike maybe.
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    Ahh sorry bout that. My camera carped out on me i can't take any pictures but this the bike.

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    Well cool :), don't realy have the cash right now to go get another bike.

    Thank you for the reply. Nice bike by the way, looks like a great ride.
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    I am sorry to say I don't think it will. My bike measures 14" along the seat tube and I don't think the Happy Time will fit on anything smaller. I have attached of photo of mine for reference. I know the 50cc is slightly smaller than the 70cc that I have but not much.

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    Ok, well, I guess I'll just have to wait and see if it'll work. If not I'll hit garage sales and what not :)

    Thanks for the help guys!

    Edit: Any idea what measurements I should look for?
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    Here's a squeezed up build. The throttle cable has to go through the top tube and i had to dent the top tube to get the spark plug to clear. Also had to change the air filter. It prob won't go on much smaller than this. 17" seat tube frame size

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    dont get a bike with a wide bottom tube as you'll have to drill it to get the bottom motor mount on :)
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    or you can bolt the engine to a rectangular steel plate and then ubolt that to the large downtube with old tire innertube inbetween to act as cushioning.

    i would never drill a frame if this was possible, took me about 10 minutes
  11. redman,I'm digging your bike. Who makes that frame?