Will it work ? three speed idea No 2


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I may be completely incorrect with this one ,however i need to know if it will work before i start fabricating a mount.

If a 415 chain (happytime) was connected to engine output sprocket then joined to the 3 speed internal geared hub on the left side of the hub where the spokes are attached to the hub, note: the hub is located between the output sprocket and the rear wheel, Would gear changing be possible?:???:


It won't work

You have to drive the cog input sprocket that is on the right side of the hub. All you would be doing connecting to the left side is turning the hub, just like grabbing it with your hand and spinning it.

I've considered a jackshaft to move to the right, then another back to the left that is comprised of the 3 speed hub.

Alternately, you could mount the engine so output is on the right, use a china 3:1 reversing gearbox, then connect to the 3 speed hub/jackshaft on the same right side, and output to rear wheel on the left from the left side of the 3 speed hub.