Will JB weld fix exhaust leaks?

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I noticed a small hole at the top to the muffler. Where the pipe connects to the muffler... at the weld.

There is a tiny hole at the weld and has a circle of black (oil) around it.

Can I clean it off, then JB weld it? Will that hold?
Make sure you use the slow curing stuff, it tolerates temps better.
I sure do use JB - in a lot of situations - but - for a very hot pipe repair - recommend - simple tack from a Weld Shop.. No harm done if you want to try some JB - I have been amazed many times - HOW GOOD IT REALLY IS !!! Happy Riding from - Mountainman
So far the JB weld has held up to fix the exaust leak. It has darkened a little bit from the heat, hopefully it stays fixed.
It will burn up with time, but there is a putty made for that. its sold in the muffler section at Pepboys.
Yeah I've never had luck with JB weld on exhaust systems. They're just too hot for the stuff. Works great on everything else though.
yeah should work if it dosnt just peel off whats left and tack weld it
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