Will motor fit?

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    Well today at 3am in the mourning at wally world i see the perfect bike for me. The stingray!!!! In order to make sure i liked it i rode it around walmart to make sure it could hold me, i weigh 270, and i was making the employees mad. So after i was finished with that i took it to the front to check out. But when i get it home theres only one thing wrong, it looks alittle small for the chinese motor kit to fit. Its rear wheel is 20in and idk bout the front. But my main question is does anyone think i can fit the 70cc engine on the frame? Thanks

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  2. bigboihustle09

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    Also does anyone by chance know the hieght of width of the chinese motor kits. And if it does fit will i still be able to use the 44t sprocket? Thanks
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    It is very...

    I have seen 2 stingrays with engines in them . The engines fit but it is a super tight fit for sure.. Enjoy the ride...
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    You might not want to use the 44 tooth sprocket with that tire diameter...

    Duane, would you care to elaborate on the gearing choices for a 20 inch wheel?
  5. HI,
    As far as sprockets go, the 44 should fit BUT you will be screaming the engine at moderate speeds because of the relatively small rear wheel (in comparison to a standard 26" wheel)....You will need a 33 or 34 Tooth sprocket to have the same effective gearing as a 44 T on a 26" wheel. You can gear higher or lower from there depending on your cruise speeds desired ....Check out the sponsors info to the left for custom sprockets ;-).

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    You can try putting the engine in the frame...add the carby/spark plug/air filter and GENTLY see if it fits.If it does fit add the exhaust to see if it needs bending.Don't scratch the frame cos u might need to return it.
    My general rule of thumb is that u need 14'' on the INSIDE of the triangular frame measuring from the crank to the seat.
    A friend ground his engine down and welded brackets to it so it could fit....lots of messing around though and best to be avoided.

    PS...i'm assuming u have your engine but if u don't IMHO it's going to be a REALLY tight fit...perhaps unacceptably tight.
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    I just measured and i only have 10inchs from top to bottom, is that enough room for the engine? Also if not is their a possible way i can modify it? Also i take welding 3hrs a day at school so cutting the frame and modifying shouldnt be a problem but i just dont want it to be to drastic. Well thanks for everyones help so far.
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    From the angle of your pic it looks to be the same bike.You can try but frankly i think this project(as it is) would too difficult as a first build.
    There are alternatives....customizing the frame is one alternative but like u said it's "drastic" and changes the entire characteristics of the bike.The other way is buy a more compact engine(see website).Yet another way is buy a standard engine and grind it,then weld aluminium brackets to the sides for mounting to the frame.I DON'T recommend that.
    You could always return the bike u bought and look for something more suitable but i'm guessing you've got your heart set on this project.................your decision man.

    Gen II-A 50cc & 58cc engine.
    http://www.grubeeinc.com/USA/StarFire GEN.htm

    PS...as a tip ALWAYS look at the BIG picture.Not just one thing but everything,because everything has to work/fit together.
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    no offense but it wont fit. i have a boys stingray thats bigger ant the engine hardly fits in. i was amazed that it fit. try a biiger one. check my photo if you want to seee a pic