Will R/C racing gas work in these bikes with oil mixture?



I was thinking the other day, "What would happen if i used R/C racing gas which is basically nitrous, would the engine explode? can it be mixed with 2 stroke oil? please reply. :D

Jon H.
well, i dont plan on mixing the R/C fuel with normal unleaded gas. i need to know if the oil ratio is the same as gas?
bad idea...chances are it'll just run rich cuz it's thinner than gas. You'd need to get smaller jets? or sumthing not really sure though

sorry to rain onthe good idea parade :(
Bad idea with a capital "B"....

It will run much LEANER since it's alcohol, not gasoline.

Also, it's not nitrous, it's nitromethane, something completely different.

Don't do it unless you have a rich uncle who will buy you a new engine after you blow it up.
high octane

i run 116 purple av gas with castor oil mix & a touch of methanol. works great in pocket bike engine. the guys at the track were freakin on speed gains till i told them & let them try a squirt in there bikes! very efficient burn! they were amazed as they had no background with race gas & what that opens up for possibilitys!!if your into that kinda thing!!
Methanol will corrode brass and rubber components in a carb/fuel system. With that said, RC fuel can be run in any gas engine but will require REJETTING by 50-100% or more depending on the nitro content and setting ignition timing to take advantage of the fuel's properties. If you run RC fuel in your engine without rejetting, you will destroy it from a lean run. Zenoah G23 gas engines can easily be converted to run RC fuel.

Regarding the oil questions....RC fuel has a ton of oil in it...if you didn't know this then I suggest you not mess with it. The RC fuel I fly is called 20/20 and contains 20% nitromethane and 20% oil by volume. My RC car fuel is 20% nitromethane and 12% oil content.
i used to run VP racing fuel in my kx60 about 6 years ago, the stuff smells good :D im not shure how it works, my dad sometimes runs the stuff in his harley...but we cant find a place to buy the stuff anymore.