Will she start?


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Mar 27, 2019
Evening all,

So here I am, waiting for the right moment to go out and fire up the beauty for the first ever time. Very excited with the idea of zooming around if it starts of course.

After recieving my first kit last saturday, I must say that I was really upset and annoyed after fitting.
Why?...cracked head, broken petcock valve and numerous other things that stopped me from getting it started and broken in.
No fault of my own, although I could have been a bit heavy handed with the valve ;)

So, after much messing with ebay and emails and a seller who only replies when a case is made.... I get a new engine... WOOP
Arrived this morning, nice and fresh, no damage....well apart from dropping the tank and snapping the petcock valve DOH! :D the valves must be my motored bike curse...
Anyway all checked over with spark, compression and flow from the carb and a little home made connection for fuel line and tank using a strong plastic clip as a fuel shut off...well for now anyway until a new one arrives.
Spent all day tweaking what i could and its ready to roll. NOICE
Pictures to follow if it goes well and works.
If it doesn't start I am going to be pissed man!

Edit: Screw came loose and ruined my fun. Beware that little tw@ of a screw as mine took a ride through the gears and didnt live to tell the tale.
Bike runs though so meh.

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Hmm... eBay engine... I hope you have at least had the top end off and cleaned out the case. :seenoevil:

The factories of the cheap unbranded engines (often referred to as Happy Time, (HT) or China Girl (CG) (although I dislike the second one)) are competing for sales on price only, and therefore are among the the most shoddily manufactured PoS engines on the planet.

It is important to check the stickied threads in our "Introduce Yourself" subforum section to make sure you didn't miss any vitally important things you must do to prepare your HT engine and your motored bike build before you start and run the engine, in order to help you get the best lifespan of your engine and motorised bike.
Cleaning out the metallic debris (swarf from machining/drilling/tapping) and dirt from the crankcase is just one example.

There are many things you can do to improve your engines lifespan and reliability that are optional (but advisable), and even more things that are performance enhancing modifications (to the rather raw finish of the engine parts or modifications going beyond the original design).

Sorry I haven't checked your other two posts yet so I'm writing this as if to a 100% newbie, as I don't know anything about you or how you've been building your bike. :bowdown:

But I think it's always worth posting this occasionally to also send the lurkers (welcome forum lurkers are you enjoying the forum? Why not join us!) to the stickied threads in "Introduce Yourself" because
(a) those threads contain vital information for newbies, cheapskates and especially builders of unbranded "HT" engines,
and (b) lurkers don't bother to read that section of the forum.

Anyway. I will wish you a happy first start, Mr Firestorm. :D(y)
Well I cant believe it!

Weeks of frustration and being patient payed off...she fired properly on the third go and came to life :)

I was so worried it would all go wrong but the engine was easy to get to idle and everything worked so smoothly after my build.

Once she warmed up we went for a half hour ride then stopped to let the engine heat cycle.
Starting up again was no concern, pedal, clutch there we go.

Amazing ride home for some chicken nuggets (mmmmmm) and im heading out again with a stronger light as its 3 am in the UK

I am literally thrilled and over excited, also perplexed at the amount of power there is to get me about :)
Quick safety inspection brings up nothing of concern but i have done the rounds tightening all nuts and bolts before my second voyage.
As for no petcock, well, my repair works brilliantly and no leaks. simple and effective!

I built it all very carefully and slowly making sure I was able to improvise in certain circumstances which has made sure the first few rides are as trouble free as possible....and this was totally trouble free :)

Even passed a cop car cruising on the back roads I was on and they just drove past :D

Summer is going to be a lot of fun this year.

Thanks for your replies and tips guys.
Off we go.......

Hello everyone,

Was a good ride last night with no issues and seemingly more power,but, I have learned not to throttle hard uphill and to let the bike catch up or it bogs from the extra fuel.

Learning this made things a lot easier. Last tank of 16:1 and then I am thinning the oil out for the next gallon.
Any suggestions on ratio? As for this last tank, well, I am going to ride non stop and use my ODO to see how many miles I get.
I'l post back.

EDIT- Well it got a good few miles in but the coil in my wireless speedo came loose due to vibration so have no actual readings :(
It seemed like it lasted an eternity and thats including steep hills and full throttle most of the time.
Good fun and the power is incredible :)

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