Will the GEBE system handle this?



Please tell me your opinion of using the Tanaka TC-47R with the Golden Eagle system. I would use the 13 tooth with it. The spokes on my Kustom Kruiser Roadster are 10 guage I believe. They are very thick. Are these motors really loud or are they comparable to a Robin Subarua EHO 35 at cruise. Thanks in advance for the help.
I don't know much but I'll share what I can.

GEBE, don't know.

47R, when I was looking into another motor, David Staton warned me that the 47R and the R460 were "headache loud". I bought the R460 anyway and he was right. I've managed to get it to an acceptable noise level and love the power.
Do you mean loud at full throttle acceleration and just cruising both? How did you quieten it down?
Calculated speed, with a 21.43 / 1 final drive is 40.1 @ 11,100 RPM although speedo was reading 45. Scary thing was just how fast it got there and it wasn't topping out when I got off the throttle. Probably would accelerate to destruction if I let it but I just run 30 and less, save the motor. Climbs hills that would choke the TLE43.
How can I figure out my theoretical speed using my Gebe system? I have a 13 tooth on the small gear and the standard gear ring on the back wheel.
=(((Engine RPM * (Engine Sprocket Dia./ Drive Ring Diameter))*(Tire Dia*3.1459))/1056)

Sub values for written destinations, pop into Excel as written, bam.
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