Will these bikes work?

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by nashe, May 1, 2007.

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  1. nashe

    nashe Guest

    So .. whatcha think, guys:

    My local search for a bike to plop my 80cc engine in is coming up dry (or ultra-expensive for not so ultra-cool bikes). So I've been searching the 'net for cruiser-type bikes.

    I found this site: beachbikes.net

    Some pretty rad bikes there! Steel-framed and new and lovely ..



    These are my favorites.

    But the stats list all the frames at 19". Is it even possible to wiggle an engine in there?

    .. er. And beyond that, do ya'll know anything about this company--especially you folks in CA (that's where they're located, I think)? Is it worth it? :???:

  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I do believe you will be ok
    they look like average size cruisers
    do you know the wheel size?
    if 26 for sure
    if 24 its tighter
  3. nashe

    nashe Guest

    Rad. Both bikes are 26" wheels.
  4. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    looks good to me!
  5. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    my bike is a ROLAND CRUSER they are a well built economical bike ask your local bike shop about them these bikes you showed us are great looking and will work great.
    If you get the one with the fender you will have to cut the rear fender and re enforce the mounting bracket (an L bracket works great ) a little toutch up paint and it will look good and be strong.
    The one with out the fenders you will want to put a school boy rack on it to prevernt the tell tail skunk tail when you run through water or mud.
    You might have to shave a lottle off the mounting bracket (dremel the sharp edge) to make it fit better also a thin rubber gasket on the mounting bracket will help with the vibration.
    The seat on the red one looks comfee but then again I went on a 80 mile run last weekend and my tail is a little tender right now :lol:
  6. nashe

    nashe Guest

    I need to find a reliable bike shop around here.
    I have friends with a lot of bike knowledge that I can usually go to with my woes--but as far as the professionals at the shops go .. they tend to be somewhat, er, elitist and unpleasant when a twenty-something with holes in her jeans walks in with questions and problems that don't relate to the purchase of a $1200 racing bike. :p

    I'm leaning toward the yellow-ish one without the fenders, figuring that the less crud it has on it to begin with, the less crud I'll have to remove and/or modify. ;)
    I like the fenders--but I can wait on them for now.

    Hahah--skunk stripe! I want a rack anyway (and a basket! :D) so I can cart things around.

    Thanks for all your input, guys!
  7. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Nashe, I use Sun, about $225 plus modifications, but started with Avalons from Wal Mart (now being boycotted by me) for $100.

    However, Birmingham (60 miles south) has a franchise sporting goods place called Academy, and I keep noticing a cruiser in there for $69, and it looks similar, except no flashy lemon colors.

    Have you checked Craigslist in a few cities? I am always seeing potential bikes with fat tires on there. $5 in Rustoleum Yellow paint and you would have something similar.

    Whatever you choose, we are interested in helping you get it eventually in the bike of the month competition..... :cool:
  8. nashe

    nashe Guest

    (I think this may be turning into a kind of unhealthy obsession; this board was the last thing I checked before going to bed and the first thing I checked when I woke up. You people and your motored-bikes are addictive! :evil:)

    I am in the Wal-mart boycott category, so their bikes are out--all though I did have it in me to check their website and spied some painfully sweet deals. As always .. too bad they gotta' be so darn EVIL.

    We have Sports Authority (probably similar, if not the same company as Academy) here that sells some sort of Schwinn cruiser for 70 or 80 bones, but I'm just not a fan of the bike. :???:

    I'm lurking on the STL Craigslist. But most of the gems that have turned up on there are in need of several parts.

    And while restoring a rust-bucket and finding its missing pieces scattered hither and yon (all before I struggle to get my first motor mounted and running) sounds fun, I asked some of my bike-buff friends about costs .. and when the numbers all added up, restoring the ramshackle old cruisers that people have in their garages around here is gonna' be way more expensive in the end that ordering one of those new cruisers I showed ya' up there.

    They run about $150, $40 shipping. Not too bad for a new bike.

    Imma' keep my eyes open for deals, though. Even if I end up ordering a beachbikes.net cruiser, I'll still pick up any old cruiser I find on Craigslist as a future project bike. It can hang out with my Frickin' Huge Bike (that I fall over when I try to ride) until I get to it.

    It's unfortunate that St. Louis isn't as much as a bike city as some of y'alls. In other states, people seem to have old cruisers coming outta' their ears. But here they are few and far between and expennnsive. :p

    Anyway .. I ramble. Expect me to womp y'all in the bike of the month competition! :lol: :lol: :lol: Kidding.
  9. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    $190 is pretty close to the Suns, PLUS you get that "working relationship/buying local" feeling by maybe finding a shop....


    I have stopped at nearly 20 bikeshops now, all but 3 (THREE) were jerks.

    J & B Importers is the big big bicycle wholesaler, offices/warehouses all over.....

    Heres a trick you could use to find a cool shop.

    Call your regional J & B, tell them "yada yada Tony at the Birmingham warehouse yada yada" and how you MIGHT start marketing them (ka - ching ). Please refer you to some nice bike shop with good tunes in the background.

    For the extra few bucks, you get a pit crew, use of their bikerepair stand.

    Then again, you will get more support and help here anyway, screw that advise... :???:
  10. nashe

    nashe Guest

    Ooh--that is a pretty nice cruiser. I may have to try that advice anyway, if only for the heck of it.

    I like duping the man. :)
  11. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    :lol: :lol:

    welcome to the club, 'cept i like it because this obsession makes me go outside to play...read,post, go ride, read some more, take a pic, post it, burn dinner, post some more, try a "new" idea/adjustment, ride, post a report, ride some more... :lol:

    i'm a st. louis native (berkeley elementary school, long time ago, don't ask) and spent several years running "fair muffler" in st. charles. yeah, "downtown" st louis comes with a pretty elitist 'tude, no doubt, but if you get west into st charles or st peters, you'll find a whole 'nother world...ever ride the KATY trail? if you haven't, you're missing out on some cool missouri.

    btw-this PNW'er would surely host outta town riders...bring it on, hole-y jeans and all :p

    let us know what you finally come up with 8)
  12. nashe

    nashe Guest

    It's been raining for days .. so I'm stuck inside being a nerd. :cool:

    I grew up in St Charles; been riding the Katy Trail for years. :)

    Small world, eh?

    Hopefully the rain stops before I get my bike and motor. I doubt my landlord (or neighbors) would be very thrilled with me using my apartment as a garage (any more than I all ready do).

    Imma' have to go borrow my chum's garage out in the county; so I can cuss and drink beer and toil away on this "crazy project of mine" (that's what these STL folks keep callin' it!) I'll get to feel like a real-deal gearhead .. 'coz I'll be vying for space in there, hunkered down next the gutted-out GTO and all the other junk in Dust's project graveyard. :p :grin:

    Can't wait! :evil:
  13. nashe

    nashe Guest

    Heh--got to vent for a second. Watch out! :mad:

    So I lurked on Craigslist for like 2 weeks, eyes peeled for any bike worth the time of day. In fact, I've lurked even longer if you count me just looking at "bikes for bikes" and not "bikes for motored-bikes". Nothin' turned up. Ever--nothin' even close to what I wanted.

    Yeah .. I got antsy. Went ahead and dropped some money on a bike over the 'net (one of those purdy ones I liked so much). Yay for me, right? Right?

    Oh heck no! :x

    After ordering the bike .. I go out to a bar with some chums. Hours later I walk (er .. stagger? 8)) home and punch up Craigslist for the heck of it--probably just habit, since I've checked it so much lately.

    Lo' and behold: there are two kick-a$$ bikes listed. Not one rad vintage rust-bucket. Two. By two separate sellers. And one of 'em ain't rusty at all, in fact. Both posted within a couple of hours of me giving up on Craig and his stupid list and just ordering through a company.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Both less than a hundred bones.

    Yeah .. some of y'all told me to wait. Probably should have listened! :p

    But oh well. Could probably cancel the 'net order. But if I can throw the cash together tomorrow, I may just grab one or both of the Craigslist bikes too. Can't have too many bikes, I guess. 8)

    .. eheh. Sorry. Just hadta vent! :p
  14. locoWelder

    locoWelder Guest

    STAY AWAY from cheapbeachbikes dot com and 2wheelbikes dot com and beachbikes dot net they have crappy bikes and no customer service bikes will show missing parts frames bent and scrached and the tube pop the tires off the rim as soon as you put air to them they tell you when you do get someone do deal with the shipping co. for refund trust me i've done the internet for the save a buck bike....I rather deal with wal-mart at least you can go back to the store and beat the manager with the bike if he says to you no refund
  15. SpeedyG

    SpeedyG Guest

    From a strictly bike stand point, that Raleigh is sweet!
  16. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Yes, you CAN have too many bikes, and within ONE month of getting into this, I had 5....


    What gets even worse is when you have to start building and expanding and moving just to keep the collection together. You add 10 feet to the back of the shop, then 4 months later take out the back wall and add 6 more feet.


    I'd cold turkey the Craiglist bikes if I were you and just get the one bike up and running. Because once you start hitting the road, you are going to see OPPORTUNITY for feeding your new obsession/addiction nearly every day. :shock:

    Your eyes will constantly scan the "Bikes for Sale" in the want ads. :?

    You will start seeing bikes inside carports, sheds and barns as you go along the back roads, start doing dangerous U-turns to see if a price could be placed on the rolling stock.

    Bikes will jump out at you in yard sales and flea markets.....

    You might get cited for a public disturbance in front of the Super Wal Mart demanding the manager GIVE you the rusting kit and kaboodle at a 90 % markdown, because he can't sell the damn things anyway.


    The motor is an ice breaker, so at gas stations and resturaunts, old codgers that used to ignore you, will approach with tales of boyhood Whizzers, and of a bike belonging to this prodigal son or that misguided brother in law who only rode it once.....

    Just ask Rif how easy it becomes to potentially fill up a pickup truck with worthy bikes within a week or two of puttering around. I mean look, you are already hanging with a dubious crowd on line, some certifiable and self-admitted addicts....

    People will see YOU as a person they could GIVE their bikes to, trying to clean their own attics and garages, like feeding candy to a diabetic...... and you look at potential in-laws not as "new relatives" but as "expanded shop area"....

    I could go on and on, we all know that.

    So, in the words of Barney Fife "Nip it, nip it in the bud !!"
  17. Chopper

    Chopper Guest

    At last!... I have a mission in life!!!

    Thanks Bama ;)
  18. nashe

    nashe Guest

    HAHAH! Ohmigod, Bama--that post almost had me in tears. :) :)
    It was like an intervention .. or a DARE video from gradeschool: "Beware, children, of the sketchy and desperate underworld that is .. (ominous dun dun dun) MOTORED BIKING!" Complete with photos of the inevitable descent into "madness" that comes with the hobby. :evil:

    But .. in light of your wise post, I'll probably (er .. try my best to) hang tight on the Western Flyer and the Raleigh for now. Even if they're gorgeous and cheap and located real close. And .. AH--somebody smack me. :p

    I live in a tiny shotgun apartment; it barely fits the ONE bike I have in here now. I'm all ready usurping somebody else's work-space to put the motored-bike together when all the bits get here. I definitely need to cold-shoulder Craig for a minute or two.

    Loco has me kind of shakin' in my boots, though; I hope this bike I got coming isn't a total waste. May soon be "learning experience #2: always make sure the guy you bought your bike from is within pommelling distance." Heheh.

    Er--I guess if the beachbikes.net bike rattles apart or something awful, I'll have an excuse to get another bike ..

    .. or 20. :)
  19. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member


    Copy/pasting an idea, see if you and 3 or 4 others would guinea pig for us.....

  20. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    there will be no more expansion right now, if you want to start a project thread, do it, we'll protect it as best we can. period.