Will these engines fit on a banana-seat bike?



I posted this yesterday, but for some reason the post disappeared, so I'll ask you guys again:

The frames on those 70's styled banana-seat bikes seem similar to the old cruiser-style bicycles. Will these "super happy-fun go-fast pronto" engines fit on one of them? I don't mean the modern "low rider" kind with all the funky silver on them, or those other bikes with the tiny front wheel - I mean the standard banana-seated bikes we had when we were kids.
If you're talking about one with 20" wheels, not likely. A frame with 26" will probably work.

it didn't disappear, it was moved into:

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just like this one.
Here are a couple more that I found, so it looks possible, but why would you want to? This looks like a ticket from the popo fo' sho'! Hope this helps.


ebay item

That ebay bike claims it goes 35mp/h. I have the same engine but a size up (the 80cc skyhawk) on a mountian bike and mine can only get a max of 25mph. (although i do weight 90kgs)

are they full of s**t? or should i do somethign with my setup?
sorry, but no way that ebay bike does 35mph...20" wheel, 44 tooth sprocket? again, no way...imo, of course.