Will this bicycle work?

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  1. Captchuck57

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    Can I put a frame mounted engine on a bike that has the upper frame tube that runs parrallel to the bottom tube til about the pedals and then attaches to the seat stalk?

    I didn't word that well, here's a link to a bike like I'm talking about:


    I found one that seems cool that I'd like to put an engine on and was wondering if this is possible since nobody seems to have one like this.

    thanks in advance!
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  2. cooltoy

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    I see no reason that you could not do it. It's very hard to see the upper cross bar and the only thing I would worry about is if the frame flexed and snapped your motor. Is there an upper cross bar ? If not , would it not be what we would call "a girls bike" ?
    Just my two cents worth!
  3. Captchuck57

    Captchuck57 New Member

    LOL! That's what I was afraid of! I can't have anybody questoning my manhood because of riding a girls bicycle!

    I will continue the search for a donor bike for my 80cc

    Thanks for the input!
  4. cooltoy

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    That's funny, you knew it all along but you were just fishing eh? It would have an engine
    so it would not be too "girly" , lol . You could always get a crossbar welded in place, it's
    a nice spot for the gas tank anyways. (Cut one off an old bike ?)
    It would be a one of a kind!
  5. Skyliner70cc

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    If it had an engine, it would no longer be a "girls" bike even if it was bright pink.