Will this bike fit a motor?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bakermcmahon, Sep 8, 2015.

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    Hey, i've been looking for a new bike to mount a motor on. I found a Specialized stuntjumper in great condition on craigslist.
    It look pretty great so i figured that i should get a new motor as well. The only problem is this frame is right in that limbo of possibly to small or just right. I'm not sure of the measurements but, it looks about right. I'm pretty much a motored bike noob and i want my first real build to go over smoothly. I think the one i found is the "Wide frame" version on the bike. Thanks

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    The picture looks like it could work.
  3. butre

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    don't know what frame that is, but it's not a stumpjumper. it's hard to tell from the photo but looks like an allez that got converted to an mtb. I wouldn't suggest motorizing this bike, as it's likely thin wall aluminum.
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    I have one of the larger, heavier, powerful motors commonly used, a GXH50 Honda mounted on a Specialized almost all aluminum 29er, and admit that I don't yet have thousands of miles on it, but so far Ive had no issues with its mounts or its structural integrity. My motor has damaged 2 freewheels and Im in the process of having my pedal axle redesigned with a different freewheel due to the torque of this motor.
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    Hi I'm new to this and I was looking to build a mb. I was thinking of going with a fito gt ss cruiser. I was also going to buy the motor from California motorbikes.com . I was going to put an expansion chamber, and a 36 tooth sprocket, and a ram air system. Is there anything wrong with my build? Also how can I make offset motor mounts? Thank you - Bradley
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    Look on the Activity Stream and send this question to KC. He's built more MABs than most of us so thats who you need to ask.
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