Will this engine work with this bike?

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  1. andyk

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    Hey guys, new to the motorized bike scene but am very interested & working on getting my first bike underway.
    I was wondering if the following engine would be compatible with the following bike. The only thing that worries me is the amount of clearance available for the engine. The site says that you need at least 8.5" available, I've measured the v-frame and each angle exceeds 8.5". Will this setup work? Thanks.



  2. crassius

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    frame looks like a tight fit and 32 spoke wheels will make sprocket mounting a real pain

    for a first build, I'd pick something simpler
  3. andyk

    andyk New Member

    But do you think it's possible though or just better off going with a cruiser or something? I'm pretty mechanically inclined
  4. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    I've done tighter frames, but would replace the rear wheel with a 36 spoke wheel rather than deal with a 32 spoke mess. I also know that spokes need to be strong for these speeds & that pattern looks weak.
  5. butre

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    those skinny tires would make for an awful ride
  6. Whiteride

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    Best to start off with a donor bicycle that is right for the task. Easy to sell what you have and get one with the right frame and spoke combo. As an expample a cruiser is a great base as they tend to be more robust and designed for a softer ride, something you'll learn to apreciate once you start riding. There are tons of bad builds out there for sale cheap with a trail of disapointed sellers with regrets. Build it right the and you'll enjoy the pleasure of motorbicycling for years.
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  8. crassius

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    I suspect you'll find that a bike without gears and with no brakes can be difficult - for about $60 more, you can get a cruiser with gears & brakes.
  9. KCvale

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    That RAW engine with the oversized straight head is going to be problem on most bikes, slat head engines are far easier to fit in tight spaces, especially if you spin the head 180 to face forward.

    Pacific bikes is just another name for a $100 Wallmart Huffy and not a base you want to start with if you need to rely on it.

    My recipe for an under $500 solid build with good brakes that is easy to start and ride is a Macargi Pantera 7S with a quality 66cc 2-stroke kit and some parts from SickBikeParts.com

    We just finished this one up except the drive chain guard, the paint on it is drying...



    Regardless of the engine kit you get a solid bike and mounting the engine as low as you can and rock solid is your goal.

    Though you can make your own with a muffler clamp and metal I like the SickBikeParts front motor mount, it comes with a reversible Z plate and assortment of bolt and spacers that come in handy with a beach cruiser frame.



    Note the spacers between the Z plate, engine, and muffler clamp so the back mount is dead 90 degrees to the seat post and the carb is perfectly level, both important factors.

    The object here is to mount the engine so solid that if you hold the top bar with one hand and head with the other you can try to shove the engine back and forth and it DOES NOT MOVE AT ALL!
    Any movement is a failure, even just a 'little bit'.

    Other than those points building a solid MB is not that hard.
    Granted I do extra stuff on my customer builds like soft foam grips, use a single dual-pull lever for the dual V brakes and re-wire the whole ignition, the bike a mounting is a proven reliable winner and to prove it I just got a repair in from one I built well over a year ago that is ironically the same color that three guys shared and rode the **** out of.


    There is nothing wrong with the drive train and the engine is still perfect and rock solid, one of the guys just busted the pedal side derailleur off on a curb.
    Easy cheap fix and it will get a tune up for the little stuff but the point is simple, use a solid bike and mount the engine right.
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