will this frame work?

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    i bought this cruiser with the intent to put a motor on it, but now i dont know if one will fit in the frame. do you think it will work?

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    Well, I'm a noob at this but have done three so far. You could buy a slant head kit and try to fit it, leaving open the option of picking up a cheap Huffy Cranbrook or Schwinn Delmar at Wally World for about the same price as wheels,tires, tubes, seat,etc. for your hybrid(?) frame. Good luck!
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    I don't think that frame will work as is and will need to be modified. The distance from engine mount to engine mount measured in the center of the bike tube is 7.5 inches. The distance needed to clear the spark plug on a slant engine is 9 inches. On a cruiser when the engine is mounted at its lowest position, the chain guard and or the front sprocket creates a issue. I have built two different cruisers and I addressed the chain guard issue on the second bike and will in the future address that issue on the first. When I raised the engine on the second bike to clear the chain guard I had to fabricate the front mount.

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  4. I can't claim the idea but, I downloaded this "engine" from Zoombicycles. It's basically a template to determine if the engine will fit. A great idea and I thought it would be a good tool down the road. Maybe you can print it out and see for yourself if it will fit. Hope it helps.

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    i don't think a motor is going to fit in that frame if it's a 20" frame. I'm using a 20" schwinn stungray and i have the 50 c.c. slant head crammed into it. There is very little clearance, and i can barley get the spark plug wire off. The top tubes on your frame are lower on the seat post tube than they are on my frame, and that's where the clearance issue is on mine.
    you may be able to get a motor in there, but it will be very tight, and you will probably have to put the motor at a steep angle to the front.