Will this headlight work with an HT

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    Hi everybody. I saw this headlight on ebay from boygofast. I was wondering if anyone has tried one of these and if they work. It says to just connect it to the white and to the blue wire on an HT, but it might take power away from your engine. That doesn't sound good. I haven't read about anything that seems to work with the output off the engine. I could really use some lights and would like to stay away from batteries but that might be the only option. Thanks.
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    I know nothing about the light you have in question here, but I'll share some of my experience with you and hope that it helps. I've gone through 4 different head lights on my motorized bike in the past 2 months. The first 3 were cheap things like you buy at Walmart. They might be O.K. for a peddle bike at slow speed. Of no value at speeds of like 15 mph or higher. I ended up buyng a real light, made by Cygolite. I'n my honest opinion, it's pretty dog gone descent. Retail on it is about $150.00. I got lucky a few weeks ago and got a new one on eBay for $50.00 delivered. I like to ride in the AM hours before sun up when traffic is minimal, so I needed a good light. Don't scrounge on SAFETY ! Get yourself a good light if you plan on riding in the dark. Be seen and be heard. Remember, you only die once !
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    Another idea. Go to dealextreme.com They have a bunch of head lights. I bought one from them that has 51 or 53 led bulbs in it. I don't rememberthe exact number. They cost less than $10.00 with free shipping. Shipping is a little slow beacuse they're located in Honk Kong if I'm corrrect. Anyway, the light is mediocre. They have 4 settings. Low, medium, high and flashing high. I have it on my bike along with the Cygolite. The Cygolite is for me to see, and the other one I use in flashing mode to really get oncoming traffic's attention. However they are both very visible from a long way off. If you're concerned about mounting space on your handle bars, do a web search or eBay search on Space Grip. It's a "T" shaped mounting bar that connects to your handle bar and gives you 5" or more horizontal space for mounting things like lights, trip computers horns and what ever your heart desires. I've had one on my bike for 10 years or longer. They come in 2 or 3 different sizes. Check out the attached photos. This is the space Grip on my bike. The small light is a cheap one from Walmart that I no longer have. The large light is the 50 some odd led that came from dealextreme.com. That's the one I still use in flash mode in conjunction with my good headlight. These are older photos. I now have 2 Space Grips along with the Cygolite and an air horn. Again, hope this helps you or anyone else reading this thread !

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    Thanks for the ideas Porkchop. I looked into the cygolite and they look really cool. If could find one for around $50 I might buy it, but $150 is a little too much for me at this time. I would like to run some lights with the electrical output from the engine, to eliminate the need for batteries, but if its going to take power away from the engine I really don't want that. I did see that one of the vendors had a battery operated light kit with headlight, taillight, turn signals, and a brake light for around $20. I might give that a try since I hardly ever ride at night. I like the extra bar light you have on your mb. It looks like you have a nice ride.
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    Good bicycle headlights are way over priced to start with relatively speaking as compard to an automobile. Cygolite is not the only good one out there. It's just what I ended up with with due to the price I got it for. There are many different brands of high end headlights out there. Good luck !
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    all you need is one of those wind up LED torches and some dux tape :p