Sprockets will this sprocket work??Please answer, only thing holding me back project completion

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    well I have a chainsaw engine, and like all chainsaws, it has a sprocket that pulls the actuall cutting chain.I was wondering if this would be able to pull a bicycle chain, and if not how could I get the clutch off to try to file it down?
    Here's some pictures of what im talking about:

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  2. junme

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    undo that nut that says off in the direction of the arrow
  3. professor

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    Not having the special wrench that nut takes, you might be able to break it loose with a punch and hammer. Carefully.
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    not the factory chainsaw sprocket, chainsaw chains are pulled from the bottom of the chains by drive links, as opposed to a sprocket going through them like on bikes or the bar end of the saw.
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    Yeah, what he said ^^^^^^
    Chain saw chain has little guides sticking out the bottom of the chain opposite of the teeth. They also serve to keep the chain on the bar. The sprocket on your clutch will only drive those little driver/guides. You need to replace your existing clutch with one for regular roller chain, i.e. bike chain.