Will this trike project work?

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by toxo, Jun 8, 2016.

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    Hi everybody. Complete newbie here hoping you knowledgeable guys can help me out.

    My main hobby is shooting and a farmer friend has asked me to keep the rabbits under control. My 67 yr old legs won't take walking all that way with gear and bunnies.

    A 4x4 or a quad would be handy but I can't afford one so came up with the idea of a modified trike. I bought a Pashley trike which has 3 gears on it. I also have three golf trolley motors, gearboxes and shafts which I think are a bit on the light side and a seperate golf caddy motor which is 200watts, is this enough?

    Don't need speed. Just something to go slowly around the field perimeters with me and my gear on it. I used to be a fabricator/welder so not frightened of a project but I need to know if this project is feasable before i invest in some serious brain excercising.

    Don't know if I can post pics but I'll have a go to show what I have to work with.

    Any info or links re gears, chains, sprocket sizes etc will be seriously welcomed. Thank you.