Will this work on a suspension bicycle

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    I came across this posting on craigs list. http://tucson.craigslist.org/bik/1413908333.html I was going to email him but I thought I'd bring it up here. Looks like there would be some real problems with this set up. Is he going to scam someone into something that doesn't work? If it works then it's brilliant.

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    It Could Work, But There Is Major Problems. That Is A Lot Of Chain From The Motor To The Back Wheel. You Would Have To Lock The Rear Suspension Because Of The Drive Chain. You Could Use A Spring Loaded Thensioner ( With A Lot Of Travel). Then You May Need A Pull Start On The Motor, Starting It With The Pedals Could Present Problems For The Spring Tensioner. His Chain Tensioner May Not Be Rite For Rear Suspension. Test Drive It. If It Runs Good And All Things Work, Then It May Be Good. The Chain Is The Main Problem With Dual Suspension. I Prefer Dual Suspension For Comfort. Ron
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    Either it's a hoax or the guy doesn't know what he's doing...forget about it.
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    I don't think it's gonna work out real well. :goofy:


    Other bicycle engines have been mounted in similar ways, though.
    The 1946 Honda bicycle engine clamped on inside the front triangle of a men's bicycle, but it fit forward up near the head tube. This required a longer chain setup to reach the rear wheel. but it also meant that the engine's width didn't interfere with using the normal pedals and crankarms.


    , , , , -Though really, if you're mounting the engine that far forward anyway.... to me it just makes more sense to go ahead and put it out ahead of the head tube and above the front wheel, and drive the front wheel instead.
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    There is only one word for that setup - stupidity

    Apart from the fact you will always be rubbing the drive chain with your left leg and getting jeans, pants, shorts; whatever you are wearing filthy dirty with chain grease, the real problem is the lack of a spring loaded chain tensioner to take up the chain slack as the rear wheel pivots upwards.