Will this work on my bike?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Marktur, May 11, 2008.

  1. Marktur

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    I have the Kulana Moon Dog (Pacific). I believe the parts are interchangeable with Schwinn parts, but I want to find out from you guys...

    I want to switch out the front forks for this:

    But I want to be sure that it will work. Can someone confirm for me?


    PS. If any vendors that post to this board sell them, please let me know! I want to support you...

  2. Ask them the measurement of that I duuno what you call it tube that goes in your frame. Tell them the measurement of your bike frame WITHOUT the bearings and cages installed. They should be able to tell you if it would work. At least if the threads are threaded down enough as long as it's not too short it should work.
  3. HoughMade

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    I think it will, do what Large said. There are at least 2 neck lengths available. I have the same type of fork (and like it)- I got the long one, 9" I think, and cut it down. Better that that too short.

    Here is a link to a thread about the problem of the too-short neck with this fork. It will let you know what you are dealing with.