Will "We" Be Blamed?

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    Will "We" Be Blamed?

    The secret is out... "Global Warming" is mostly a hoax that has been invented by a group of scientists that knew what they were conceiling / editing while they twisted the data to create a political agenda.

    "Going Green" is now being seen in a negative light.

    (a subversion of the truth rather than being a truth)

    The actual data has shown a decline in temperatures since the 1990's and we seem to be in a pattern which suggests another Ice Age is approaching. (based on ocean current patterns changing)

    For the most part "we" motoredbikers choose our rides because they are fun and affordable transportation. Some of us might have some vague sense that it's a useful thing to be doing for the climate, but I doubt it's a big factor on a day to day basis. If you didn't fundamentally like riding these machines you wouldn't do it just to prove a point.

    As time goes on and HOSTILITY starts to be focused on the political agenda that drove all the green ideas will "we" become the TARGETS of the hostility?

    Will "we" take the blame for "Going Green"?

    Discuss, rant, rave, etc...
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  2. safe

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    My Two Cents...

    I started getting into the electric bikes back in 2006 before all the "Going Green" ideas became a big deal. I just wanted to invent something to see how far electric could go for an ebike and had no climate / political agenda at all in my decision making process. From my perspective this whole rise and fall of "Going Green" is a negative overall... I liked it better when the politicians weren't involved and it was just a potential small business venture.

    Now I'm afraid that I'll be taking "heat" from people who assume I hold some political mindset that I do not hold.

    What can I do?

    Say I'm "innocent"?

    (while some person in a pickup runs me off the road just based on who they think I am)
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    I think you answered your own question. Hard to be blamed for having fun while being frugal.
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  4. srdavo

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    In my experience, they don't need a reason to run us off the road!!! :ack2:
  5. safe

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    I'm just worried that as the political winds change (and they seem to be) that the fact we are the most exposed and vulnerable to public anger means we will take the punishment the most. The people who are "guilty" are the politicians and their backers with their agendas (which we don't need to discuss) but we pay the price.

    Could there be any way to get people to realize that we aren't universally guilty of being part of the hoax?

    Should we all wear:

    "I'm Not Green"

    ...t-shirts just for protection?
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  6. professor

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    Paranoia strikes deep - into your heart it will creep......... Don't remember the rest of the very old song (probably haven't heard it in decades)

    There won't be any backlash.

    Most people will stay in a brainwashed condition from the media's playing this topic over and over for so long.

    The media (controlled by the elite) will not beat an anti green drum ( they WILL look for another scare tactic to use on us to try to take freedom away).
    My prayer (for a long time) has been that the truth about these "global" lies comes forth. I am thankful.
  7. wheelbender6

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    It was all about money!

    I had and still have no problem with protecting our environment.
    I felt that the purpose of the "Stop Global Warming" movement was to raise revenue for the federal governmment (a disguised tax).
    Few of us want to pay more taxes. However, the Globalistas thought we would
    be willing to pay carbon credits because we feel guilty about polluting the earth.
    I'm not picking one political party over another here.
    They all love to spend OUR money.
    I could be wrong, but I think the carbon credits are taxation by another name.
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  8. safe

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    That's easy for you to say, you live on the east coast. (NY... even though you are slightly inland in Buffalo) So far I've already been forced off the road twice and one time into a ditch where I ended up crushing my pinkie finger. (it's now healed... that was 2008) I live in the midwest which is "Sarah Palin" territory and the folks out here that aren't living in Kansas City tend to be country types and the natives are definitely restlesss these days.

    The coasts might think everything is fine, but in the middle of the country what I'm talking about is more real... I can see someone who is angry over the course of things taking their anger out on someone they think is some sort of leftist weirdo. There's no way for them to know that I'm not a bad guy trying to push an agenda so they might just steer a little closer than they might have compared to if no "Going Green" controversy existed.

    I guess we'll find out one day when someone is "in effect" murdered for seeming to be a green person.... :icon_cry:

    We have all winter to see how things evolve... but I'm a little worried...

    The pendulum just started swinging the other way in the last few months.

    We are the "tip of the spear" whether we like it or not.

    Things were better in 2006 before all the "Going Green" idealogy came on the scene. (in my opinion)
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    Safe..put some NRA stickers on your bike
  10. give me vtec

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    Tedd, please dont ever change...
  11. give me vtec

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    as far as the whole green thing... I didnt get into mb's for that.

    I got into mb's because they are fun to build, a blast to ride..... and I get to stick it to the man by skirting license/registration/insurance fees.

    The 150-220 mpg is only an added bonus that satisfies my frugal side.
  12. Youngbird

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    "it starts when youre always affraid....step outta line, the man comes, and take you away....everybody stop, hey whats that sound, everybody look whats goin down". S.Stills
  13. safe

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    A Little Humor....

    Maybe we need to petition for "Hate Crime Legislation" so that if anyone harrasses us for "Going Green" they get thrown in prison for life.

    Absurd yes... but so is a lot of other stuff going on.

    Next time someone gets a negative interaction on the street try to figure (based on their words or actions) whether you think it was motivated by hatred towards leftists (Going Green) or something else. My guess is the rate of "hate based" interactions will increase over time. This will occur less frequently in the more urban areas, but much more in suburban and rural areas.

    Last summer people were still in shock because of the economy, but now that's passed and people are thinking and processing emotions again. It's now that emotions that were suppressed start to emerge as anger and hostility.

    Anyone who gets attacked PLEASE REPORT IT HERE !!!
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  14. Alaskavan

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    It's my understanding that the data indicating that temperatures have been declining, which was "hidden", is based on tree ring sizes. It was "hidden" due to the fact that various conditions could effect the tree growth, and that temperatures deduced from the tree ring analysis conflicted with actual observed and recorded temperatures. This in no way shows predictions of continued (and accelerating) global warming to be a hoax.
  15. kerf

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    It only shows that they faked their data and made the whole thing up.

    Science doesn't lie but scientist do.
  16. safe

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    Essentially no one believes in "Global Warming" anymore because the science points to a different outcome.

    The "real science" says:

    CO2 and Methane rise in 22,000 year cycles to melt the ice caps. (last cold bottom was 11,000 years ago)

    During the peak of the warm cycle the ice melts and the water in the oceans become less salty and the currents stop which changes the weather patterns around the world.

    A new Ice Age begins as the cycle continues towards the cold end of the cycle.

    Historically this switch can happen in less than 100 years. (look at the last 100,000 years and the pattern repeats)

    For the next 11,000 years we will see a trend towards the next Ice Age.

    Human civilization happens to have blossomed in a warm part of the cycle. (starting about 8,000 years ago)


    This is the reason the term "Global Warming" was changed to "Climate Change" because the idea of continous warming has been dropped as being invalid.

    "Global Warming" is in effect a "hoax" because a group of scientists fudged a bunch of data so as to give the impression of straight line of warming, but in reality it's showing otherwise.


    It's hard for some people to realize that Ice Ages are PRECEEDED by warming... but it makes sense if you think of it this way. If the ice caps never melt then there would be nothing to snow onto the caps during the cold periods. You need to melt the ice first so that you can snow it back up. The cycle is such that the poles melt QUICKLY then they spend thousands of years rebuilding the ice back up and as that happens the earths climate get warmer and more moderate again. But we have at least 11,000 years before the trends point to the start of the next warming cycle. The cold is coming for the next few thousand years... not the hot...

    The real world is "complex" so a group of scientists invented this alternate idea of straight line warming as a political tool... it's really pretty dumb now that we look back on it, but a few years ago everyone bought it.

    We live, we learn...
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  17. kerf

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    May not be that simple, the earth will do what the earth will do. Between 800 & 1300 AD was a time called the Medieval Warm Period. It was a time of European Prosperity with vineyards even in the north of England. It was followed by a time called the Little Ice Age, with almost non existent summers. The climate is marked with great natural variation, especially over the short term (10k - 5k years) and more pronounced patterns over a million or more year intervals. So what's in store for the next decade, nobody knows.
  18. augidog

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    save the planet? this planet don't need saving, and how vain of us to think we'd have the power to either save OR destroy a whole planet. the worst thing we puny humans can accomplish is make the teeny-tiny thin outer layer we use for a living room uninhabitable.

    cool topic and discussion, but are we maybe confusing right-to-road issues
    with being perceived (and persecuted) as green?

    plenty of folks have tried the "squeeze-out" to scare me off "their" road...but i don't get scared i get mad...legally, that's assault. hit me, and it might could legally be manslaughter. fat lot of good that'll do me if i'm dead, eh?

    but i've never had anyone grimace when i show 'em the label on my engine. i think most folks can deduce the difference between global-manipulation and a sensible piece of modern machinery :)
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  19. kerf

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    I've had just a few issues with inconsiderate motorist, most are responsible enough. Lots of spandex riders around here so people are used to sharing the road with bicycles. As to police, they are friendly enough and either ignore me or just wave. If they catch me riding my mini trail on the road, I'm pretty sure I would be ticketed but when pedals are attached, we're good. I'm always surprised how many people don't notice the engine, even when I'm running down the road. When they do, it's usually older men that proceed to tell me about something from their long past called a Whizzer. They're always surprised when I tell them that Whizzer is still being made.
  20. give me vtec

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    right... neither does snow in Louisiana, almost no hurricanes this year, or one of the coldest winters on record.

    And not to be condescending... but I am pretty sure cooling ocean currents account for at least part of the explanation, not just tree rings.