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    Hello everybody,

    I am William (Bill) J. Bivens, I have been an industrial maintenance man for almost four decades (electrical (certified), mechanical, hydraul and pneumatic). I am currently on medical disability (ticker went south) but will be concidered retired in less than two years.

    I enjoy a wide variaty of endevers, basically anything hands on, but most I enjoy the design portion of any project most.

    Although my experience may be of limited help in this forum it is there for the asking. It is my intention (for the moment atleast) to just read privious posts and to "lurk and learn" as it were.

    Thank you for letting me join and I am looking forward to be as much assistance as I can,


    "Never meddle in the affairs of dragons

    for thou art crunchy and most flavorful with ketchup."

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    Welcome to MBc, William. We are glad to have someone with as much varied talent join us. Please, read everything you can, especially the 'stickie' notes at the top of each forum. They contain valuable information and rules of the road. If you read all you can, and study the builds in the picture gallery, I am sure you will come up with an idea that will gel, sooner or later...and before you know it, you will be getting out the wrenches and ordering parts. Good luck to you.