Windowed piston


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Jan 7, 2022
I picked up one of these took it off the stand and loaded in the truck... The old guy I bought it from looking at me like I'm some kind of ailen


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Karl Snarl

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Sep 20, 2019
Chunky Monkey Mole Hole
Gym strong looking good at the beach and work strong looking good at the IRS is the difference...
I'm not very big. I am however a f'n beast. I basically throw steel all day when needed. I can crank out some work. I don't cry about being sore, or tired, or owwwieeee my "gina hurts, I can't lift that, owwwieee my back hurts. I just work. Instead of drawing it out. I smash is out. More you make them, more you get paid. I work for a Locally owned company. I don't forget what I just did and have to ask how to do it again. I just work. I work best under fire. Rush me, and I'll smash out twice as many as you need. lol. Boss gave me 100 bucks one day. Had a rush job, big client, I smashed the whole thing in 6 hours. They were expecting only 1/4 of the shipment sent out the next day. I had all 53 boxes stack, racked, and wrap, ready to go where ever. The guy they sent to help me, he did three boxes. 56 boxes total. They bought him some Burger King. lol. I moved about 2 tons of steel with my bare hands, cut it up, machined it, welded it, packaged it into 53 boxes. In the same amount of time this guy did 3. lmfao. Guys at work know I make cash. I send all my packages there. They just don't get because I work hard asf, I get paid. Plus I get paid for my brain too. Skillz, you either have 'em, or your da 'gopher.