Windy City Bob. Finished my first build, I can see light through my head gasket?

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  1. Ok here's the deal. The engine runs fine especially when out of gear it's a 2-stroke 49cc now when I read it it ribs ribs ribs sounds great when I pop it into gear I'm cruising along really well then when I get to top speed it kind of bogs down a little bit lunch but it doesn't want to go to top speed it just kind of bogs down a little bit now I can see light between my head gasket and the crankcase are the head whatever you want to call it I don't know if I should go through the laborious task of sanding it and or using a liquid gasket sealant That's rated for head gaskets is 500 degrees Fahrenheit any thoughts?

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    I am having my own head gasket issues. On my third engine and this is a first for me. When I solve my problems, I'll offer advice. Do a forum search - lots of crucial info here!
  3. Thanks , what do you think about the liquid head gasket?
  4. P.S. going for a ride be back later
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    When you are riding around, check carefully for leads from the cylinder head. It's not subtle at all! Float your hand around the head and if you are leaking hot gas, you will feel it. It is a major performance issue.

    General advice from here: carefully sand down the top of your cylinder until it is perfectly flat and smooth. There are several ways to make a head gasket. Experts on here give a thumbs up to liquid gasket material, yes.
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    Do you have a torque wrench?
    You REALLY need one if you pull the head.

    The stock metal gasket works fine if you torque it down right.
    Simple really, I usually pull all my heads, paint them, and then reverse them so the spark plug faces forward.

    I have built 66 2-strokers so far and never Ever had a head gasket issue

    What I do is use an X pattern to tighten the head nuts down 5# at a time until they are all at 20#.
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  7. Yes I have a torque wrench and I also use the x pattern to tighten the heads this is however my first build so I guess I am a newbie as they call it however when you say paint them what do you mean by paint do you mean paint with liquid silicone or I'm sorry liquid gasket or just paint the outside of the heads?
    Thank you in advance Windy City Bob
  9. Thank you for your reply your information is very much appreciated thank you again

  10. I think I have seen the light! hah hah!!! The light I'm seeing is outside the ring on top of the head. So no leaks, I re-tourqed the head and no problems. Accept I can't seem to figure out why I'm running so rich. I have no leaks tested with Gum 14615954854701549424473.jpg out while running .
    With clutch in its WAS AHHHHH WAAHHHHHHH WAAHHHHHHH Wants to go to the moon! But as soon. As I ride, & hit top speed it's like there's a governor on it and slightly vogs .
    Any ideas?
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    Jetting. Get a smaller jet as it should lean things out at WOT.
  12. 20160412_063449.jpg When I had this on I had to run half choked, or it would chug along I tried upside down, no filers, and many
  13. The high velocity intake P.O.S. didn't do anything positive for me as promised. What did I do wrong?